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EPCOR Water provides water utility service to certain residents of the City of Surprise under a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity issued by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). The city provides wastewater utility service to certain residents within its borders some of whom are also EPCOR Water customers, or "shared customers."

Assisting With Payment Collection

The ACC approved an application to have EPCOR Water assist in the city's collection of delinquent wastewater bills or charges. This means that, at the city's request, we may terminate and/or disconnect water utility service to shared customers who are delinquent in paying their City of Surprise wastewater bill.

Providing Consumption Information

The ACC also approved an application to have EPCOR Water provide information about monthly water consumption by shared customers. This information helps the city bill for sewer utility service to customers shared by the City of Surprise and EPCOR Water.

In the agreement approved by the ACC, the city acknowledges and agrees that:

  • It is authorized to use the water consumption information only for purposes of its own sewer utility services billing
  • It is not authorized to disclose any of that water consumption information to any other party, except as may be required by law or ordered by a court

What Does This Mean for Me?

This agreement means that the city can ask us to terminate and/or disconnect your water service if you do not pay your City of Surprise wastewater bill according to the city's established policies.

We encourage you to call the City of Surprise 623-222-1000 with questions about your City of Surprise wastewater bill and this agreement.