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EPCOR was approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to provide standpipe water service on a permanent basis to the Rio Verde Foothills community.  In order to provide such service, EPCOR will design and construct a water filling station and any other facilities necessary to provide the service (the “standpipe”) and which is accessible to state-licensed water hauling providers.   

Those persons with occupied homes as of the date of the ACC’s Decision No. 79199 (December 12, 2023) and up to 150 property owners who have paid the hook-up fee at the time of account creation.  The project will take 24 to 36 months to build, however Rio Verde Foothills residents are required to apply for enrollment for permanent service in advance of the standpipe becoming commercially operable​​.

Rio Verde Foothills residents in occupied homes who want water service from EPCOR’s standpipe must complete and submit a customer application in to be included as either a full requirements or standby customer.  Once receiving service from the standpipe, these customers will pay the tariffed rates then approved and on file with the ACC.  Property owners who do not have occupied residences (up to 150) will be considered “enrolled customers” and subject to paying the hook-up fee to eventually receive service as a full or standby customer. The deadline for applying to be a customer is June 1, 2024, per the ACC’s decision.​​

Set up your water station service

Residents and water service haulers need to open an EPCOR account. Here's what you need to do.

  1. Email a completed and signed application​​ to​
  2. Once we receive your request, we work internally to add your new account to our systems.

​Frequently asked questions​

We are on a shared well with our neighbors. Do all of us need to sign up?

Yes, every homeowner should establish an account separate from any other homeowner. This is because EPCOR needs to determine how big it needs to build the infrastructure to accommodate all the homeowners (and up to 150 property owners) that will be customers. We need to make sure that every possible user signs up so that we can include their use in calculating how big we need to make the station, pipes and infrastructure. Therefore, each premise or address that wants or may want service must have a separate account with EPCOR (and pay the monthly fee, including a monthly usage charge and a commodity rate). ​

What is the deadline to enroll as a customer? What if a resident had decided not to join EPCOR initially, would they be allowed to participate at a later date?

Any customer that plans to join needs to do so by June 1, 2024, for EPCOR to finalize the design and determine how big the standpipe and related infrastructure needs to be. ​

What if we were to sell our home(s)? Would a HUF be due at the time of sale, or would the new owner take over the monthly fees?

The EPCOR account is by premise or service address. If a home is sold, the EPCOR account goes with the sale, and the new owner takes on the monthly fees (the Monthly Usage Charge and Commodity Rates) just like any other utility account. ​

When will we know if we've been approved for standpipe service?

EPCOR has until June 1, 2024, to collect applications. Customers will be notified of approval after that date.​

How many customers will be allowed/approved?

​All homeowners who occupied their homes as of the date of the Commission Decision (December 12, 2023) are eligible for standpipe service as a Full Requirements or Standby customer, provided they apply to enroll by June 1, 2024. 

EPCOR may request documentation to substantiate home occupancy as a condition of enrollment. 

Only 150 of the property owners who did not occupy their homes as of December 12, 2023, will be allowed.​

How will billing work for the Rio Verde Foothills Standpipe?
We're beginning to design and build the standpipe, including the kiosk and customer billing system. We will provide more information to customers as we know more. We can say that EPCOR will bill customers for the water they use and you​ will pay the haulers separately for hauling services. Haulers will not have their own accounts with EPCOR.​
My home still needs to be built. Can I apply for service?

Yes, you can apply. Up to 150 property owners without homes built and occupied as of December 12, 2023, will be eligible as Enrolled Service customers.  

If more than 150 such property owners apply, we shall implement a lottery process to determine the 150 that will be eligible for service randomly. Those customers will also have to pay a $24,000 hook-up fee as a condition to receive service.​

What if more property owners apply than the allowed 150 total?

EPCOR will develop a lottery system to determine customer approval.​

My home is under construction now. Do I have to pay the hook-up fee?

Yes, if your home was not completed and occupied by December 12, 2023, you must pay the $24,000 hook-up fee if you are determined to be one of the eligible enrolled customers (up to 150 total customers). ​

How can I pay the hook-up fee?
We're just beginning to design and build the standpipe; this includes the customer billing system. When we have those details, we will provide instructions to customers whose applications have been accepted and who need to pay the hook-up fee. You still must apply by June 1, 2024.​
Is the hook-up fee a lump sum?

EPCOR needs to receive the total payment of $24,000 to establish your account. You must apply by June 1, 2024.​

My construction company requires a letter from my water provider. Can EPCOR provide me with one?

Yes, EPCOR can provide you a letter indicating that EPCOR has a standpipe authorized to provide your home service if you apply by June 1, 2024, AND your application is accepted.​

Where will the standpipe be located?

We're just beginning the process of designing and building the standpipe. Decisions have not been made regarding the location of the standpipe. ​

We own a lot. Can we drill a well?

Drilling a well is an application process that the Arizona Department of Water Resources regulates. A Notice of Intent to Drill a Well may have to be filed and reviewed by the Arizona Department of Water Resources. EPCOR is not involved with homeowners drilling their own wells on their property and cannot provide any further information. Any homeowner seeking to drill a well will have to consult independent sources to determine whether and under what conditions drilling a well is feasible, including any local ordinances or regulations that may or may not apply. ​

Where is the water for the standpipe coming from? Is it a 100-year assured water supply?

The 100-year water supply has to do with the assured water supply rules, and that is not something EPCOR is required to get under ADWR rules. What EPCOR stated at the evidentiary hearing through testimony and exhibits is that the Company is aiming to get 150 acre-feet per year for 100 years of surface water to provide the water standpipe residents will need and, with the CC&N, EPCOR now must provide standpipe water service for these customers by the Commission's decision.​

Can a builder or real estate agent apply for an account?

No, the homeowner or lot owner must apply.​