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Save on Energy offers many tools and information to better manage daily electricity consumption, lower bills and promote a cleaner, safer environment for future generations.

Please see below for details on Rebate Programs and Conservation tools to help you make the best consumption decisions.​

​For your home

Energy Affordability Program

The Energy Affordability Program offers energy-saving upgrades tailored to the specific needs of your home​, all at no cost. And a more energy-efficie​nt home means more comfort and more money in your wallet. Saving energy is simple with the Energy Affordability Program.​

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My Energy Action Plan

Whether you live alone or in a full house, in a brand-new condo or a century ho​me, love to cook or would rather not – there are plenty of ways to save. Interested in giving this a try? It's easy – just answer these eight questions and you'll get a personalized Energy Action Plan, with tips and tools to get you started on your energy-efficiency journey.

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Other Advice ​and Tips

Whatever the shape or size of your home, there are plenty of ways to save on energy.​​​

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​For your small business​

Small Business Pr​ogram

Energy-efficient upgrades for your business.​​

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Retrofit Progr​am

For a small business, energy costs can add up. The good news is that the Save on Energy Retrofit program can help you make your business more efficient.​

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Other Advice and Tips

Curb energy use in your small office – and keep your employees happy and productive – with the right tech.​

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​For businesses and contractors

Strategic Energy Management Program

Improve your organizatio​n’s energy performance, build expertise and deliver persistent energy savings.​

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Retrofit Program

Upgrade your equipment and improve your operations with the help of the retrofit program.

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Industrial Energy Efficiency Program

Transform your industrial process with incentives for energy-efficiency improvements.​

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Energy Performance Program

Get rewarded for continuous energy improvement.​

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COMING SOON: Existing Building Commissioning Program

Tune up your building’s energy efficiency while reducing costs and increasing market value.​​​​

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​First Nations energy programs

First Nations Communit​y Building Retrofit Program

Receive up to $100,000 in funding to implement energy-efficient projects in your comm​unity.

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Remote First Nations Energy-Efficiency Program

The IESO’s Save on Energy Remote First Nations Energy-Efficiency Program (RFNEEP) program provides funding support to remote First Nations communities to implement energy-efficiency projects that will help them manage energy use more effectively to save on energy costs, and increase the comfort of their homes and businesses.

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