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Health, Safety & Environment requirements

The following requirements have been established in order to identify the programs, processes, and practices that EPCOR Contractors must comply with:

The following applies to all contractors who don't provide professional service exclusively within an office setting:

  • Maintain a Certificate of Recognition (COR) by an approved Certifying Partner through Alberta Partnerships Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR), or equivalent program in the jurisdiction where work is to be performed. Note: COR is not required for contractors in Ontario.
  • Review of contractor's HS&E policies, procedures and performance by EPCOR.


EPCOR may review a contractor's health, safety and environmental policies, procedures and performance. This may include the requirement of a certificate of recognition (or equivalent audit certificate) through a certifying partner.

Contractors performing high consequence work for EPCOR will be required to register in with EPCOR's third-party Contractor Registry. Contractors who achieve and maintain a compliant status with EPCOR's contractor registry have met EPCOR's minimum requirements.

During a procurement process, potential contractors will be advised of any necessary documentation requirements.

Learn more about our contractor pre-qualification process.


Prior to the work commencing, contractors must satisfy EPCOR's contractor premobilization HSE requirements, as they pertain to low or high consequence work.

EPCOR may request contractors to conduct an assessment of a subcontractor who is not registered in EPCOR's third party contractor registry.

Monitoring and measuring

While work is in progress, the contractor is responsible to manage the work in accordance with regulatory, EPCOR, and contractual requirements. HSE performance monitoring may include, but is not limited to:

The Contractor Post Incident Notification Checklist is intended to outline the immediate actions required by the contractor following an event.