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​For our San Tan/Morning Sun Farms Customers:
Information about your Trash Bill

Under Johnson Utilities, customers in the Morning Sun Farms development have been paying for Republic Services trash pickup as an item on their monthly water/wastewater bills. Customers on this plan needed to call Johnson Utilities with questions about their trash bills and contact Republic Services with inquiries about their trash pickup.

We're now working with Republic Services to phase out this arrangement, effective in the April billing cycle.

Removing trash fees from water/wastewater bills will simplify customer accounts and provide customers with a single point of contact – Republic Services – for all questions dealing with their trash service and bills.

Who does this change affect?

This applies to customers in the Morning Sun Farms neighborhood who previously paid their Republic Services fees as a line item on their Johnson Utilities bill.

When will this happen? 

After the March billing cycle.  

How will customers pay their trash bills now? 

Republic Services will begin billing customers separately after the March billing cycle.

What will happen with trash deposits?

We are working with Republic Services to ensure all customer trash deposits are properly reflected in their system once they start direct customer billing.