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EPCOR Natural Gas Limited Partnership has applied to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to raise its natural gas distribution rates effective January 1, 2024, based on an OEB-approved formula that is tied to inflation and other factors intended to promote efficiency. 

EPCOR Natural Gas Limited Partnership has also applied for approval to dispose of the balances in certain deferral and variance accounts. If the application is approved as filed, the annual natural gas bill of a typical residential customer and a typical commercial customer, served by EPCOR Natural Gas Limited Partnership’s South Bruce operations, would change by the following amounts:

  • Existing Residential: $0.92 per year
  • New Residential: $2.67 per year
  • Small Commercial: -$7.39 per year​​

Other customers may also be affected. It is important to review the application carefully to determine whether you may be affected by these changes.​​​

The Ontario Energy Board will hold a public hearing

The OEB will hold a public hearing to consider EPCOR’s application. During the hearing, we will question EPCOR on the request for rate changes. We will also hear questions and arguments from individuals that have registered to participate (called intervenors) in the OEB’s hearing. At the end of this hearing, the OEB will decide what, if any, rate increase will be allowed.​

The OEB is an independent and impartial public agency. We make decisions that serve the public interest. Our goal is to promote a financially viable and efficient energy sector that provides you with reliable energy services at a reasonable cost.​

Be informed and have your say

You have the right to information regarding this application and to be involved in the process.

  • You can review EPCOR’s ap​plicatio​n
  • You can file a letter with your comments, which will be considered during th​e hearing
  • You can become an intervenor. As an intervenor, you can ask questions about EPCOR’s application and make arguments on whether the OEB should approve EPCOR’s request. Apply by August 31, 2023 or the hearing will go ahead without you and you will not receive any further notice of the proceeding​

  • At the end of the process, you can review the OEB’s decision and its reasons on our website

The OEB does not intend to consider cost awards for this hearing​.​

Learn more

Our file number for this case is EB-2023-01​61​. To learn more about this hearing, find instructions on how to file a letter with your comments or become an intervenor, or to access any document related to this case, please enter the file number EB-2023-01​61 on the OEB website. You can also phone our Public Information Center at 1 (877) 632-2727 with any questions.

Type of hearing

There are three types of OEB hearings – oral, electronic, and written. EPCOR has applied for a written hearing. The OEB is considering this request. If you think an oral  or electronic hearing is needed, you can write to the OEB to explain why by August 31, 2023.


If you write a letter of comment, your name and the content of your letter will be put on the public record and the OEB website. However, your personal telephone number, home address and email address will be removed. If you are a business, all your information will remain public. If you apply to become an intervenor, all information will be public.​​

This rate hearing will be held under section 36 of the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, S.O. 1998, c.15, Schedule B.​