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Helpf​ul information for San Tan customers

Providing safe, clean, reliable water and wastewater services is more than connecting a pipe to your home. Keeping your service in top condition, testing water for quality and safety, protecting public health and ensuring your fire department has water are just part of what goes into delivering your family’s service each day.

In April 2022, the Arizona Corporation Commission approved new rates for your water and/or wastewater service*. Effective May 1, 2022, these changes to rates more accurately reflect recent costs to provide safe and reliable service.

*Decision #78546, Docket WS-01303A-20-0025. San Tan customers may receive service for water only, wastewater only or both water and wastewater, depending on where they live in the district. This rate review began in 2020 to update rates previously set in 2010.

Read more about your new rates and the service we provide​.