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Welcome to our online open house​

​In this section you’ll find information about the Arizona Corporation Commission rate review process for our Arizona wastewater, Luke 303 wastewater, and Rio Verde water and wastewater districts.

​What’s a rate review a​​n​​d ho​​w does it work?

EPCOR is a regulated utility, which means that the Arizona Corporation Commission reviews and sets rates for the service EPCOR provides to its customers. The rate review process is an open and transparent process, overseen by an administrative law judge, that determines the appropriate rates that should be charged based on a certain point in time, called a test year. A rate review can take up to two years or more, beginning with the test year that the data in a rate review is based on. Because a test year is a point in the past, rates for service typically lag behind current costs by several years or more.

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Rate review application and
supporting documents

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Information sessions and
public comment meetings

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