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Water is part of everyday life. Whether you’re starting the morning with a cup of coffee or cooking dinner for your family, we’re focused on making sure your water is there for you. We’re also making sure not a drop is wasted, purifying wastewater so it can be safely returned to the natural water cycle for use in the future or for irrigation purposes. 

Safe, clean and reliable drinking water is a universal need – protecting customers, careful stewardship of the water you rely on, and thoughtfully balancing differences where they arise, are at the heart of this application.

Water is even more precious in the desert. Our team works every day to ensure that safe, clean, reliable and affordable drinking water is there when you need it. Where also focused on a clean and sustainable water future, carefully protecting and preserving water resources and returning every drop possible to the natural water cycle.

We’re required to file this rate review application, according to previous decisions from the ACC. We filed the case, as required, August 31, 2022, giving the ACC the information it needs to determine current rates, based on fresh financial data from 2020.

The rate review process takes about a year – the ACC is expected to make a decision by late 2023. You can download a summary of the application below.