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​High voltage Testing Services

Our high voltage testing and maintenance services are used by everyone from small electrical contractors to large electricity providers and mining companies across Western Canada and the Northwest Territories.

We offer cleaning, inspection and repair as well as high voltage testing with dielectric or hipot tests to determine the effectiveness of the insulation and how well it withstands high voltage. We perform our high voltage tests from our direct current (DC) test facility in Edmonton. Tests are conducted according to the relevant standards set out by the American Standard Test Method (ASTM) International and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Learn more about our high voltage test facility advantages and electrical equipment testing standards. 

Why we use dielectric testing

We test to confirm there is no chance of dielectric breakdown due to electrical insulation exceeding the breakdown voltage. This ensures that when your employees are working near live power lines, they will be protected from injury.


We have high voltage testing for:​

​Rubber insulated electrical glove testing

Our Test Facility offers comprehensive compliance testing for rubber insulated electrical gloves. Testing of high voltage gloves should be done every 6 months.

​What we offer with your lineman gloves

  • Check-in, wash and preliminarily inspection of insulating materials
  • Final inspection with a blow up air test
  • Perform electrical DC testing by a trained Journeyman Power System Electrician
  • Dry the gloves
  • Replace the gloves, if needed
  • Ship the gloves back to you
  • Keep testing records and marking

Safety and maintenance tips for rubber insulated gloves

To ensure the safety of your lineman and employees working with high voltage, the insulating protection of gloves must be properly maintained.

  • Properly store and manually inspect gloves prior to each use.
  • Inspect for cuts, abrasions, cracks, scratches, punctures, ozone cracking, pitting, etc.
  • High voltage gloves should be tested every 6 months. Electrical testing for compliance is governed by ASTM F496 and ASTM F1236

We sell rubber insulated gloves and glove protectors

We have Salisbury gloves and glove protectors available for sale throughout the year. Inquire when booking your service.

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​Insulated rubber or plastic cover-up testing

Our facility runs high voltage tests on a wide variety of rubber or plastic insulated cover-up equipment such as high voltage insulating blankets, line hose, line covers and plastic guards designed to protect from accidental contact with high voltage lines, poles, and more. Inspection and testing is extremely important to ensure the electrical safety of the equipment.

  • Clean and inspect cover-up equipment
  • Perform dielectric test on insulating blankets and equipment

Safety and maintenance tips 

For insulated rubber line hoses, covers and plastic guards, testing is determined by the user; equipment should not be used if safety of protective equipment is questioned.

  • Your high voltage line hose, cover and plastic guards should be inspected before each use. If you have any concerns with the insulation and electrical integrity is suspect, testing should be performed.  
  • Insulated blankets should be tested before their first use and then every 12 months.
  • Electrical testing for compliance is governed by ASTM F478, ASTM F479, CSA Z462 (5.11.2 and 5.11.3), and ASTM F712 (plastic).

We sell insulating blankets

We have high voltage insulating blankets available for sale throughout the year. Inquire when booking your service.

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​Fiberglass hand-held live-line insulated tool testing

Our test facility offers inspection, testing and maintenance services for fiberglass hand-held live-line insulated tools, such as hot stick testers, pruning sets and shotgun sticks.

What we offer for your high voltage hot sticks and live-line tools

  • Conduct comprehensive physical inspection of the fiberglass stick and its mechanical components
  • Clean and rewax the fiberglass
  • Perform dry and wet electrical testing

We also repair, replace and assemble

  • Refinish damaged fiberglass hot sticks to restore the original finish
  • Repair and replace mechanical components
  • Assemble custom fiberglass products

Safety and maintenance tips

  • Electrical testing for compliance is governed by ASTM 711, ASTM 3121 and IEEE 978.
  • We recommend annual electrical testing and formal examination of your hot sticks.
  • Fiberglass live-line insulating tools should be stored in a clean, dry environment and secured to prevent rubbing and scratching.
  • You should visually inspect your tools on a continual basis. Look for:
    • Cuts, dents, etc.
    • Damaged mechanical components
    • Deterioration of the glossy surface
    • Electrical tracking and burn marks
  • You should maintain the finish by:
    • Cleaning with a soft cloth
    • Waxing or using a silicone cloth as required
    • Inspecting, servicing and testing at our test Facility

We sell high voltage hot sticks

We have Chance and Hastings high voltage hot sticks available for sale throughout the year. We can also custom build fibreglass hotsticks. Inquire when booking your service.

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Protective ground/grounding jumper testing and assembly

An ​inspection at the high voltage test facility provides thorough mechanical, visual and electrical testing for protective grounds, grounding cables and bypass jumpers.

What we offer for your high voltage grounding equipment 

  • Test and clean all mechanical components
  • Complete an inspection of ferrule connections
  • Clean and visually inspect the insulated cable jacket
  • Conduct electrical testing

Safety and maintenance tips

  • Electrical testing for compliance is governed by ASTM F2321, CSA Z462 (5.11.2 and 5.11.3).

  • You should visually inspect your protective grounds/jumpers. Look for:
    • Cracked or broken ferrules/clamps
    • Exposed broken strands
    • Damaged cable
    • Swelling on the cable jacket
  • You should keep your protective grounds clean and store them in a dry environment.
  • Inspecting, servicing and testing at our test Facility

We build personal protective grounds

We can build protective grounds customized to customer needs. Inquire when booking your service.

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Insulated boom truck testing

What we offer for bucket trucks and boom trucks

Our facility offers testing for trucks and individual truck components.

  • Test bucket, double bucket, digger derricks, and other trucks.
    • Visual inspection of the boom
    • Dielectric hydraulic oil test
    • Bucket liner test
    • HiPot electrical test
  • Test individual components, such as plastic bucket liners, hydraulic hoses, and hydraulic oil

Safety and maintenance tips

  • Electrical testing for compliance is governed by CSA C225-10 and requires insulated booms be tested at least every 12 months.
  • You should maintain the glossy finish of the boom by regularly cleaning and waxing to maintain a water repellent finish.

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​High voltage tool repair

We are a certified repair agent for Utility Solutions and S&C load break tools, helping keep lineman safe.

​What we offer for Utility Solutions load break tools

As a Certified Repair Agent for Utility Solutions, we are certified to conduct the following on their load break tools including BREAK-SAFE® and LOAD-RANGER® tools:

  • Complete tear down and inspection
  • Standard parts replacement including fasteners and gaskets
  • Electrical and mechanical tests with an updated maintenance reminder

​What we offer for S&C load break tools

We're a Certified Repair Agent for the S&C Loadbuster® load break tools and are certified to:

  • Complete tear down and inspection
  • Replace standard parts
  • Perform electrical and mechanical tests with an updated maintenance reminder

We sell replacement parts

We stock a wide selection of replacement parts for Utility Solutions and S&C load break tools.

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Why customers choose us

The high voltage testing services we provide are:

  • High quality and efficient
  • Less damaging (DC test method)
  • Conducted by qualified power system Journeyman electricians
  • At a leading-edge high voltage test facility

We also clean and repair, which saves you time and money.

Learn more about our DC test facility



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