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 Electricity Distribution and Transmission Infrastructure

​EPCOR understands the challenges faced when managing electric power distribution and transmission infrastructure in order to provide essential services in your community. As a utility management company and owner operator of energy infrastructure, we have hands-on experience.

We provide a range of electricity distribution and transmission services to municipalities and industry partners, including:

  • Electric power distribution and transmission
  • Energy infrastructure acquisition or development
  • Utility management and billing services
We tailor energy infrastructure project delivery to our partner's needs. Contact us to understand how EPCOR can help you deliver your infrastructure project.


Our experience with electric power

Electricity transmission and distribution services

EPCOR's electricity distribution and transmission business owns and operates high voltage substations and transmission lines and cables situated within and around Edmonton, Alberta.  Additionally, we provide electricity distribution services to over 17,000 customers in Simcoe County and Blue Mountains, Ontario through utility acquisitions in the region.

In Alberta, we provide transmission services to the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) and distribute approximately 13% of Alberta's provincial electricity consumption to over 360,000 residential and 37,500 commercial and industrial end users.

We own and operate approximately 257 circuit kilometers of 72 kV, 138 kV, 240 kV and 500 kV lines and cables, routing power through 30 transmission substations.  

We can help you develop electricity transmission lines and related infrastructure, such as aerial transmission lines, substations, and underground transmission cables. Every project has different needs, reach out to see how we can help with yours.


Electricity infrastructure solutions through acquisition

Existing electrical infrastructure systems can be costly to maintain and properly upgrade to keep up with capacity and operational requirements. EPCOR can work with you to explore options for divesting of your existing electricity infrastructure.

Our electrical operations include systems and infrastructure that we acquired as part of our expansion and growth. If you are a utility provider or electricity transmission and distribution owner operator, get in touc to discover how EPCOR can acquire or purchase existing utility infrastructure. View our featured electricity asset acquisition.


Utility management & billing services

Together, our business provides safe, reliable energy to over 410,000 customers, while ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbours. We understand how to safely operate and maintain electric power distribution and transmission systems.

 Additionally, we provide billing and customer care services to approximately 640,000 energy and natural gas customer sites and 282,000 water customer sites.



​Featured electricity infrastructure projects

Collingwood PowerStream

Through a competitive process, we acquired Collingwood PowerStream, an electricity distribution and services company with operations in three major communities in Simcoe County, Ontario.

The utility distributes electricity to over 17,000 service connections within the area of Collingwood, Stayner and Creemore (Clearview Township) plus the Town of The Blue Mountains (Grey County).

This was an asset acquisition.


Heartland Transmission

Together, EPCOR and AltaLink worked to develop a regulated project for a double circuit 500 kV aerial transmission line to reinforce the existing 500 kV transmission system in the Edmonton area and extend it to the Industrial Heartland area near Fort Saskatchewan.

The 66km route was considered a Critical Infrastructure Transmission Project (CTI) for the Province of Alberta.

This unique endeavour was developed as a regulated project.


Other infrastructure solutions and how we deliver them


Water and wastewater solutions

EPCOR builds, owns and operates water, wastewater and stormwater facilities, working in partnership with governments, municipalities and industrial clients. We work with communities and industrial clients in Canada and the USA to build and operate reliable and cost-effective water solutions to address our clients' unique needs.

Water, Wastewater and
Stormwater Management

Natural gas solutions

EPCOR provides safe and reliable natural gas to thousands of customers in more than 30 communities in Canada and the United States. We have experience in both constructing greenfield natural gas distribution systems and natural gas expansion projects. Learn more about our experience and how we can help.

Natural Gas Distribution
and Infrastructure

Project delivery methods

EPCOR works with industry, municipalities and communities to design, build, finance and operate infrastructure solutions. We have a strong track record in private-public partnerships, project investment, developing tailored solutions for capital investment and life cycle turnkey project solutions. Discover how we help deliver cost effective services to communities. Project Delivery Methods


Contact us

We understand that the complexity of your project requires a personalized touch. We encourage you to call, email or fill out our online form if you have questions.

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