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fiber Optic Solutions

For over fifteen years, EPCOR Dark Fiber Services has been a trusted partner for organizations looking to establish network infrastructure connectivity throughout Alberta's Capital Region. With our dark fiber installation services, an extensive fiber optic network and knowledgeable service team in place, we make it easy for you to meet your needs through a dark fiber lease agreement.

Dark fiber connection benefits

We offer customers single mode, point to point fiber optic connections, without prescribing how the fiber will be serviced. By leasing strands on our open access network, customers can install their own end-point equipment to provide telecommunications services to their users and establish their own private network.

Our dark fiber customers typically value the dedicated, secure routing, service neutrality and uncapped bandwidth and connection speeds which are only limited by the fiber optic cable optical properties themselves. The ability to limit up-front construction costs while providing stable, long-term service agreements are other key benefits to the EPCOR dark fiber network.

Our dark fiber solutions provide you with your own secure network. It is ideal for institutions, government and companies with multiple locations in the Capital Region that want a secure network across their locations.


What is dark fiber?

Fiber optic cables that are already installed but unused are called dark fiber. Dark fiber is a secure, proven alternative to commercial network and internet services. It can help to reduce costs, improve latency issues and provide redundancy for business continuity and disaster recovery.

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​EPCOR dark fiber installation services

Reliability and security are essential to dark fiber cable networking solutions. Network capacity, high speeds and little to no latency are also key features for optimal performance in your data centers and data networks. EPCOR's dark fiber network provides these benefits along with a number of other features as part of their dark fiber installation service.

  A robust fiber optic network

Our underground fiber optic network offers connections to locations that would otherwise be operationally or economically challenging to access. Current features include:

  • Network length 50 km or greater throughout the Alberta Capital Region
  • Point-of-Presence (PoP) sites throughout Edmonton's downtown core
  • Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) with potential for Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)
  • 5 year service record of > 99.99% uptime
  • Supporting up to 10 Gbps

  Turnkey implementation

We offer a complete in-house solution for customers looking to establish and lease connections on its dark fiber network. We have experienced personnel in place to manage every step of the process. Our capabilities include:

  • Network planning
  • Engineering, drafting and permitting
  • Civil construction, cable and patch panel installation
  • Fiber splicing and terminations
  • Testing services including:
    • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) testing at 1310nm, 1550nm and 1625nm
    • Bi-directional insertion loss testing
    • Fiber Characterization testing for chromatic dispersion (CD) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD)
    • Visual fault location
  • Records management & billing
  • Preventative maintenance
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance hotline

Our solutions save time and money while providing high bandwith and high security in one system.

  A seamless process

Consultation throughout your project

We make consultation easy by providing you a knowledgeable development specialist to act as your single point of contact for the full extent of your inquiry. We'll discuss your needs and promptly develop a solution. Depending on the route, this may be as simple as linking up to our existing fiber backbone. If not, we will find the most cost-effective way to extend the network to your location of choice.

Contact agreements made easy

Our dark fiber lease rates and agreements are built with the goal of creating long-term stability for both parties. You also gain the advantage of cost savings from reduced capital development costs. Your devoted development specialist will walk you through the details of your dark fiber lease agreement and get you set up on a simple monthly billing plan.

Get connected, stay connected

Our experienced engineering and field services teams work seamlessly to get you connected within our stated timeline. Emergency response crews are only a phone call away to tackle any unexpected issues and maintain your secure connection. Have confidence knowing that your network is in our reliable hands.


Not sure if dark fiber is right for you?

If you have other broadband internet service requirements, we can help. EPCOR Technologies provides a range of network and cabling solutions to fit your project needs.

We use credible and safe fiber optic cable installation techniques and equipment. From cable and duct installation, to splicing and terminating, to dark fiber leasing, our turn-key services aim for network integrity.

Infrastructure is one of the primary ways that cities and provinces make themselves more competitive, especially rural communities working to keep connected. A key component to infrastructure development is high bandwidth providing communities with higher quality, more reliable telephone, internet connection and digital TV signals. Utility and telecommunications companies are turning to EPCOR Technologies as their choice for fiber optic support.​

Our fiber optic expertise

To pursue a scalable and flexible communications framework that promises speed and reliability, our capabilities include network planning and OSP planning, design and engineering (CAD and Microstation). From permitting to a complete work package development (IFR, IFC and As-Built) we can provide the right broadband service for your specific needs. Our solutions include the following as standard in our broadband connectivity and fiber optic solutions:

  • Duct and handhole placement
  • Fiber optic cable pulling
  • Splicing
  • Testing (CD, PMD, OTDR, insertion loss,
  • visual fault identification)
  • Network troubleshooting, repair and upgrade
  • Quality assurance on existing installations
  • Project documentation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Project management

Because technology continues to shift and advance, we can provide assessment, design, and consulting services to determine what broadband service or fiber cabling is right for you. Contact us to discuss connectivity solutions. 

Featured fiber optic projects

As a leading integrated utility engineering, construction and maintenance firm we have demonstrated our expertise on a wide range of projects. 

Fiber optic design & installation - Epcor distribution and transmission

This project involved design and installation of 9 kilometers of new fiber optic cable from the Dome Substation to the Petrolia Substation. The design predominantly consisted of new installations of duct and pullboxes and some existing ducts and manholes were used. EPCOR Technologies has access to the City of Edmonton’s underground duct system which allowed us to pull cable through existing manholes.

Underground Duct Access & Fiber Lease Management - Alberta Health Services

To help facilitate a growing need for more data storage, Alberta Health Services enlisted EPCOR Technologies to install and manage the backbone fiber network required to connect local hospitals to a data management center. The project involved engineering and constructing a new 2 km fiber route from the data center to a hub in the existing hospital communication ring. EPCOR Technologies managed all aspects of the project, starting from the preliminary designs to the installation of the cable itself inside a combination of new and existing ducts.

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