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​​What is a smart hub?

If all your home devices are smart, think of your smart hub as a genius. A smart hub links all of your smart products to your home's existing Wi-Fi system, acting as a two-way translator that speaks to each device in its own unique language. If you have multiple smart products, a smart hub allows you to control them all from a single mobile app.

Do I need a smart hub?

It depends. Not all smart home devices require a hub. Some devices, like smart thermostats, have built-in translator hardware, while others are designed to work with a hub.

If you only have one or two smart home products, you may not need one, but if you'd like to connect several smart-home devices or brands, a smart hub is highly recommended.

What are the benefits of a smart hub?

A good smart hub can make it easier to control your home's comfort. Once your smart hub is set up, you can:

  • Install and control a variety of smart home devices across different brands from a single app.
  • Use a wider variety of smart products, and incorporate new ones, without having to use multiple apps to control them.

How do I choose a smart hub?

Smart home products are growing in popularity, and smart hubs are being improved and upgraded all the time. When choosing a hub, look for the one that is most compatible with your smart home devices, including ones you may want to install in the future.

We recommend the SmartThings Hub and Wink Hub for their functionality, compatibility and general ease of use.

Are all hubs compatible with all smart home devices?

Not necessarily. Check the product specifications of your smart hub and smart home devices to make sure they work well with one another.

Which smart hubs work with your recommended smart products?

What else should I consider before buying one?

Weighing your options is always a smart move. You can check out reviews for different smart-hub models on sites like Amazon and CNET to make sure you're getting the hub that suits you best. Smart hubs also have a wide range of available features – you can decide whether you're looking for a standard hub or one that has voice command and other advanced options.

Do smart hubs have recurring fees?

Some hubs have recurring fees, while others don't. Take note of any recurring fees, such as monthly service fees for smart home security devices, when selecting a smart hub.

How do I set up my smart hub?

All smart hubs and smart home devices come with user instruction manuals, and most have corresponding mobile apps that can guide you through setup and installation. Installation and registration instructions vary from product to product. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on your devices to install, register and sync your products successfully.

Where can I buy a smart hub?

You can purchase a smart hub online or in major electronics stores such as:

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