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Spring cleaning checklist​​

Temperatures are warming up and the clock has moved forward. It's time for spring cleaning. Keeping your home regularly maintained can help reduce further maintenance and improve efficiency. Here's an updated checklist on a guide to prepare your home for the upcoming season.

​Let​ the ​​sunshine in

Remember to clean your blinds and shades to let the sunshine in! By keeping your shades clean, you can keep them down while letting the light in on those very hot and sunny days. ​

Let the (clean) cool​​ air in

Start the new season right by servicing your furnace and air conditioning systems. Limit your HVAC system running for longer periods by having your systems serviced including new filters. When everything is cleaned and working properly, it requires less energy to run.

Reduce, reuse​​, recycle

We can accumulate a lot of stuff within a year. Which pile to donate, which pile to recycle and which pile to throw out. While most of us usually have a preferred donation centre, knowing what's recyclable and where to donate is the tricky part. Visit Alberta Recycling to find a registered recycling depot throughout Alberta or visit your municipal's website for its recycling program.

Switc​h batteries

Don't forget to check the battery health for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, alarm systems and other appliances. Being safe is a top priority.

Reduce drye​​r time

Getting ready to launder your spring and summer clothes? Instead of dryer sheets, try reusable dryer balls that help dry clothes faster and reduce dryer time. Try: Saje Laundry Love set

Vacuum thos​​e dust bunnies

Tag-team with a friend and move those appliances. Say bye and vacuum those dust bunnies behind the oven, fridge, deep freezer and dryer. And, don't forget the ones on the back vents as you want the air to flow freely. More air flow = less energy to run.

Don't forget ab​out outside

Check your lawn for any leftover leaves, branches and debris as it can damage the grass by causing mold. Double-check the outdoor faucets for leaks and assess if there's any water damage. If it's safe, check your gutters for damage and debris as windy, winter storms could have blown leaves and branches onto the roofline. ​

Keep this list handy when spring cleaning and add new tips discovered throughout the year. For more helpful tips, visit our blog​.


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