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Spookta​cular Halloween Quiz

​Do you have what it takes to achieve a perfect score on our Halloween trivia quiz? Test your knowledge on local facts, Halloween trivia, and obscure stats if you dare…

1. What small town in Alberta was used to film Ghostbusters: Afterlife?

a. Wainwright
b. Fort Macleod
c. Drayton Valley
d. High Prairie

​2. How many pounds was Alberta’s largest pumpkin weighed in at?​​

a. 524​
b. 830
c. 1,265
d. 1,652

3. How many watts does a standard fog mac​​hine use?

​​a. 2
b. 16
c. 40
d. 120

​4. The average value of Halloween candy sold in Octobe​r.

​​a. $115.26 million
b. $323.5 million
c. $613.2 million
d. $666.2 million

5. The number of ​farms in Canada with pumpkin patches.

a. 1,634
b. 2,102
c. 2,569
d. 2,934


1.b 2.d 3.b 4.c 5.c


  • 0-2: Your Halloween knowledge could use some work. We recommend reading up on local trivia, then retaking our quiz.
  • 3-4: You know your stuff! It’s time to refine your knowledge with a deep dive into Halloween lore and trends.
  • 5: You’re a Halloween aficionado, the all-knowing trivia master. Congratulations!

Now it’s​​ time to enjoy the Halloween festivities while staying safe. For more resources, visit our blog​.​


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