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​​Make the Switch to Smart: Belkin WeMo Insight Switch

With the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch, taking control of your home energy usage is as easy as flipping a switch. Whether you're looking to set schedules for your electronics, monitor your kids' TV usage or just make sure that you turned off the coffeepot, this smart plug puts the power in your hands.

With flexible programming options, full remote capability and a user-friendly interface, the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch is just about as smart as it gets.

Power up (or down) from anywhere

The Belkin WeMo Insight Switch gives you full control of all your devices, whether you're in the next room or the next town. With one simple setup, the switch provides wireless control of TVs, stereos, lamps, space heaters, fans and more. You can program your devices, set up notifications and create rules for your electronics—all on your schedule.

  • Control all your devices easily using the free Belkin WeMo App.
  • Wi-Fi capability lets you monitor your electronics usage from anywhere.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

No strings attached

With the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch, there's no additional equipment required to get going. It doesn't require a smart hub to control devices plugged into the switch—simply install the switch, sync with a mobile app and you're ready to roll.

And if tech-savvy is your thing, the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch is compatible with Amazon Echo, a voice-command smart hub that also plays music, gives you news updates and allows you to "Ask Alexa" to power any connected devices on or off while you're at home.

Get a little extra insight

For those looking to take their energy smarts to the next level, the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch offers customized home energy monitoring delivered directly to your smartphone or tablet. With all the remote dependability of the original Belkin WeMo Switch, the new WeMo Insight Switch can help you keep your home energy bills low by setting schedules, monitoring energy usage on electronics and tracking the devices that are used most often.

  • Get notifications for any device sent directly to your phone.
  • Monitor and control energy usage for specific devices.
  • Find out if you left the heater or A/C on and turn it off.
  • Calculate your energy costs based on usage.

It pays to be energy-savvy

Widely available at many retailers such as Belkin.comHome Depot and Best Buy, the Belkin WeMo Insight switch not only helps manage your devices, it also helps you manage your energy bill. With its energy monitoring capabilities, it's easy to make adjustments to your electronics usage that can help save big. And at the very competitive price of just $60–$70, this smart switch is good for the wallet and good for the grid. 

All help. No hassle.

Our business is keeping our customers satisfied. Whether you're looking to save energy, save money or just try something new this season, we're here to help you make it happen. And because we know you have better things to do than research, we've decided to do the legwork in finding some of the best energy efficiency products on the market to help you stay cool, comfortable and in control. No strings, just stats. Because when you're happy, we're even happier.

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