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​It's been a long time coming but warmer weather seems to finally be here! Now that the snow has melted, get your home and appliances ready for spring and summer. Maintaining a healthy home goes beyond dusting and vacuuming. When was the last time you checked your smoke alarms? How about the last time you replaced filters around your home?  Follow these easy tips for peace of mind and maximum comfort!

Clean out the dryer vent

A clogged dryer vent can be a fire hazard and will cause your dryer to work harder than it has to.  To clean it, disconnect the vent from the back of the machine and use a dryer vent brush to remove lint. Outside your house, remove the dryer vent cover and use the same brush to remove lint from the other end of the vent line. Make sure the vent cover flap moves freely.

Replace filters around your home

Check and replace all filters including water, range hood, furnace, and air vent filters. This will allow air to flow more freely and extend the lifespan of important items in your home.

Clean the exterior windows

Clean windows surrounding to allow more light into your home.  With longer days, the addition of natural light into your home means less electric lighting.  Worried about over-heating the house on hot days? Open up the windows to let air inside.

Check foundation vents

Homes that have a crawl space have vents along the foundation walls.  The vents provide air circulation that helps prevent excess moisture and mold growth, and they prevent critters from taking up residence underneath your home. The screens collect leaves and other debris from fall and winter. This is a great time to clean them out and check for damage that occurred over the winter. Clean these vents by hand or use a shop vacuum. Repair or replace any damaged screens as critters can get through even the smallest holes.

Service the air conditioning unit

During the winter, leaves, dirt, dust and other debris can block or clog the fins on the outside of your AC unit.  This makes it work harder than it has to, which is less efficient.  Clear the debris by spraying the AC unit with your garden hose to tidy the condenser unit up.  Be sure to turn the power off at the circuit breaker, located inside your home.  If debris has collected within the unit, be sure to call a professional to assist in cleaning it out.

Check and maintain your air ducts

Leaking air ducts can lead to a significant loss of heated and cooled air.  Check for small holes along your ducts and if you find any, be sure to seal them by wrapping them in foil faced tape.  If you find significant damage to your duct, be sure to contact a professional to coordinate proper repairs.  It's recommended you clean your ducts every 2 years or so depending on your home.

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