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​When you think of LED strip lighting, you might be picturing a scene out of the movie Tron or something else overly futuristic. Using LED strip lighting doesn't always mean making your home as wild or as colourful as possible. There are plenty of ways to use strip lighting that are tasteful, creative and better highlight the design of your home. Even better, LED lights use less energy than incandescent bulbs meaning that not only can it be a fun design feature, it's also a power-saving alternative.


Whether it's a bookcase, floating shelves, or shelves that are built-in, they often don't get as much light as they need. Depending on how far back your books or picture frames are, you might find that a shadow casts over them and everything just blends into the background. With LED strip lighting, you can set it up so each shelf is illuminated and provides full clarity of everything on it. It also provides nice lighting for those dark areas where a lamp just won't fit.

Source: madaboutthehouse


Think that your flat ceiling is a little too flat? Or maybe you're looking for a way to light up a room without having to install a new lighting fixture? LED strip lighting can be added to the corners of your ceiling or any rises and dips in your ceiling to excentuate the shape of your room and provide more light. By changing up the colour of the light, you can add warmth or coolness to a room or transform it entirely with a colour of your choice. This can give a lot more personality to the room without having to repaint or renovate. 

Source: Lepro

TV or monitor lighting

This might be one of the most popular uses for LED strip lighting and for good reason. Not only can LED strip lighting help add a little flair to your entertainment set up, but adding some bias lighting to the back of your TV or computer monitor can actually help with your eye site. The darker your room, the brighter your screen appears which can cause strain on your eyes or cause headaches. With LED strip lighting providing additional glowing support, it can be a lot less work for your eyes. You can even set some types of lighting strips to respond and adjust the colour and intensity of the light to whatever you're watching!

Source: TechnoFAQ


Having the right lighting when getting ready in the morning is important. You don't want to be fumbling around in a dimly lit bathroom or bedroom. LED strip lighting can be added to vanities, full length mirrors, or makeup mirrors. You'll want to make sure you are using a waterproof variety, but this will help transform any normal mirror into a deluxe light-up experience.

Source: Lepro

Drawers + cabinets

Having to turn on every light in the kitchen can be a pain when you only were needing to open one drawer. By adding LED strip lighting to you drawers and cabinets you can increase increase the efficiency of your kitchen or room by having them only turn on when in use. Open up the drawer? Light turns on. Close the drawer? Light shuts off.  This can also be done for your cabinets as well!

Source: IKEA


Navigating your house in the middle of the night can be tricky. With LED strip lighting you can set them underneath each step or outlining your staircase so that even at night you can see exactly where you are going. You can even set them to a timer or add features like motion sensors so they only turn on at night or when you are about to use them.

Source: Dornob

​The possibilities are endless in how to use LED strip lighting. Do you have a way that wasn't mentioned here? Share or tag Encor on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and let us know! And for more helpful hacks, visit our blog for energy efficient blogs and content.


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