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May long maintenance​​​

As temperatures continue to rise, the May long weekend signifies the transition from cold winter days to sun-filled evenings. For many, May long weeken​d is a time to begin preparations for the summer to come. We created a guide for you to kick off your May long weekend with easy maintenance tips.

Window screen ​cle​​aning

It’s almost time to open your windows and welcome the fresh air. Before that, cleaning the winter's dirt on your screens will ensure no unwanted particles from entering your space. Using soap, water, and some light agitation, you can ensure only clean air will enter your space.

Prepare yo​​ur grill for the season

After a deep clean, enjoying your grill has never felt better. Cleaning your grill is easy and can ensure better efficiency when cooking. First, you will want to scrub down the outside with warm, soapy water. Next, you will want to take all the removable components off and clean them with a degreaser, allowing heavy scrubbing if needed. Finally, you will inspect any of the gas lines, heat plates, and briquette trays to ensure everything is intact. Now that your grill is cleaned, it's time to enjoy cooking. Visit The BBQ Depot for an in-depth guide.

Furnace filt​​er repl​​acement

Now that you have fresh air entering from the windows, you want to ensure your furnace is properly cleaning the air and circulating it efficiently. To do this, you will want to replace your furnace filter. Reliance home comfort ​recommends inspecting your filter every 30-60 days. Changing your filter is simple. First, make sure your furnace is turned OFF. Next, locate your current furnace filter. This is located between the furnace and air intake. Lastly, open the compartment door, slide out the old furnace filter, and replace it with a new one.

Propane Fir​e Pit

A few simple cleaning steps can improve the efficiency of your gas fire pit and prolong its life. After sitting over the winter, your fire pit collects unwanted debris and dirt. To begin maintenance, you must first disconnect the fuel line and shut off all valves – make sure you’re in a well-vented area. Next, clear out any debris such as rocks and leaves from the burner. Next, wipe it down with warm soapy water and use a damp cloth. Finally, it's time to put your fire rocks back in, reconnect the fuel lines, and cover the fire pit. Now, your ready to enjoy the warm nights around your newly cleaned fire pit. Visit T​he Unilock ​for more fire pit cleaning tips.

Outdoor li​ghts

Warm weather encourages more quality time spent around the yard. Proper yard lighting will help you see better and enjoy the nights. If you have string ​lights that were left hanging over the winter, tie points will need to be checked, ensuring everything is secure and safe. Burnt bulbs should be checked and replaced on all light fixtures.

Now, it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend. Keep this list handy when spring cleaning and add new tips discovered throughout the year. For more helpful tips, visit our blog​.


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