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​​​Did you know, the way you organize your fridge can make it work harder to keep your food cold?

If you have an older model of refrigerator, keeping it packed with food can prevent cool air from circulating, while a near empty fridge can push the compressor into overdrive to cool the space each time you open the door and let warm air in. Here's how to strategically stock your fridge to help boost its energy efficiency.

Know what to leave out

If it's hard to find an open space in your fridge, take an inventory to be sure that everything stored inside actually needs to be refrigerated. Garlic, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and many types of fruit, such as apples and bananas, can be stored at room temperature. In fact, bananas may turn brown faster in the fridge.

Always store leftovers at the top

To help prevent bacteria-growth, it's recommended that you put any leftovers in the fridge within two hours of the food being prepared. If the food is still warm, be sure to put it as high up in the fridge as possible to keep the rising heat from warming any food above it.

Put your go-to items up front

By keeping the items you use most frequently at the front of the shelves or where they're most convenient, you'll spend less time searching for them with the fridge door open. The longer it's open, the more cool air is able to escape and the harder your fridge will have to work to replace it.

Don't forget the drawers

Storing produce in your fridge drawers can help keep it fresh, but you can also use them to evenly distribute food throughout your fridge to help keep it a consistent temperature. Try and space out food and beverage items to allow a bit of space above and beside them.

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How to organize your fridge to be more energy efficient



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