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​​Lighting is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to create a unique outdoor space for those late Alberta summer nights. Give these ideas a try.

Take solar lighting to the next level

Looking to light up your backyard? Take advantage of long summer days with solar lighting. Solar lighting has come a long way – from glowing orbs to oversized flowers, now you can find solar lights in a wide variety of styles and shapes.

Not only will you conserve energy, you'll also be free from needing to find a power source - creating endless possibilities for decorating your yard.

Some ideas? Use solar orb lights as a centerpiece for outdoor dining, leave them to float in your pool or scatter them across the grass for whimsical ambience.

Set a colour scheme

With the touch of a button, change the colour of your outdoor lighting to suit the mood or match your décor. Available in stakes, strips and lightbulbs, colour-changing lights are an easy way to transform your outdoor space.

Whether you're lighting the way to your backyard bash or adding a splash of colour to your flower bed, be sure to look for LED lighting versus regular incandescent. LED's typically use 25% - 80% less energy than incandescents, helping you to reduce your energy consumption while creating a colourful atmosphere.

Create a glowing garden

For a clean and classic look, give landscape edging a try. Install outdoor rope lighting along the edge of your garden to create a unique uplighting effect. When the sun goes down, you'll enjoy a subtle warm glow that highlights your yard's landscaping.

Outdoor rope lighting is relatively inexpensive compared to other lighting options and can be purchased at most home improvement stores. Simply roll it out and carefully secure it in place using landscape staples.

Add wow-factor with string lights

String lights aren't just for weddings and restaurant patios anymore. Bring them into your backyard for wow-factor that can handle all the elements.

Here are some unique uses for standard string lights:

  • Wrap them along the branches of a large tree, letting the ends hang down like icicles.

  • Make a flameless fire pit by intertwining string lights into an arrangement of logs in the centre of your patio. 

  • Hang them vertically in front of a wall or fence for an instant backdrop.

  • Fill empty coloured-glass bottles with mini string lights and place that in the centre of your table as an eye-catching centerpiece.

  • Repurpose your patio umbrella after sunset by stringing lights underneath the canopy.

  • String the lights from your deck all the way to your garage or fence by hanging them in multiple rows overhead.

Sources: Natural Resources Canada, Better Homes and Gardens

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