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Get​​ Ready for Fall 

As the deep oranges and vibrant yellows in foliage come alive, so does the fall spirit. These seasonal changes also bring cool temperatures, cozy clothes, and delicious treats. Follow along on our Get Ready for Fall post to ensure you’re prepared for the seasonal changes.

Getting your home re​​ady for fall

Preventing seasonal changes from affecting home efficiency is challenging. The warm summer temperatures can distract you from home maintenance. It’s time to get back in the swing of home efficiency - 

  • Over the summer, leaks around windows and doors may have formed, letting unwanted outside air in and making your furnace work extra hard. To fix this, a new layer of weather stripping can be used inside your window or door sills.
  • Furnace maintenance is key to home efficiency. Through an inspection and cleaning or DIY furnace replacement, you can ensure that your furnace is prepared for the hard work to come.

Getting your front and back yards re​ady for fall

Just as your home undergoes preparations for the new season, your lawn should as well. Fall lawn maintenance encourages a healthier lawn and stronger growth for the next summer - 

  • Rake your grass free of leaves and debris.
  • Give your lawn a final cut.
  • Clear garden beds of any debris and leaves.

Getting your clo​set ready for fall

It’s time to dig out those cozy clothes and set a new wardrobe in the swing. Organizing your closet for fall styles will leave you dressed to impress in the cooler temps, and you may even find some hidden gems that were forgotten in the back - 

  • Move any summer clothes that you’re not likely to wear to the back of the closet and replace that space with those cozy sweaters and fall attire.
  • Store your flip-flops, runners, or any summer footwear away, and use the open shoe space for boots and other weather-appropriate shoe wear.

Getting yo​ur vehicle ready for fall

As the road temperatures cool, vehicles can feel the stressors of seasonal changes. Ensuring your vehicle is prepared for the season, means that you’re safe and ready to hit the road - 

  • Check your tires to ensure that they have enough tread to properly grip the road. This is also a great time to consider a new set of winter tires before the snow falls.
  • Pack an emergency roadside kit. These kits should include booster cables, a blanket, a shovel, and first aid supplies.
  • Full inspection: Getting a routine inspection before the winter could help you spot areas in need of a fix that was previously hidden.

Sweet tr​eats for fall

Hot drinks, cinnamon spices, and sweet treats. What’s not to love about fall eats?

  • Hot drinks to keep you cozy: pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider and peppermint hot chocolate.
  • Treats to get you in the spirit: pumpkin pie, apple pie, and carrot cake cupcakes.

Now that you’re prepped for fall, it’s time to enjoy all the festivities that come with the changing seasons. For more helpful tips, visit our blog​.


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