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Fun activities for all!

​Sometimes staying close to home and filling the day doing fun activities can be fun! Here are a few of our favourite green-friendly activities.​

Repurpose, Reuse​

  • ​Create a bird feeder from a plastic bottle.
  • Water your plants by using the cooled water from cooking vegetables, eggs and pasta
  • Paint an old drawer and mount to the wall as a shelf
  • Use old flatware into a wind chime
  • Turn used glass jars into aesthetically appealing storage containers

Start an herb garden

  • ​​Choose 3-5 herbs that you regularly use to keep your garden manageable. 
  • Find a brightly lit window that gets at least 4-6 hours of bright sun daily. Experts recommend south-facing windows are good for most herbs while west-facing windows are better for mint and parsley. 
  • Keep in mind that an ideal indoor temperature is 21 degrees Celsius or 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Choose to start your garden with seeds or plants. If you start with seeds, follow the directions on the packet. When you using plants, you’re already ahead of the game!

Sources: Clever; Home Depot ​

Start a living green wall

  • ​Find the right space in your home. It should have lots of light – natural or artificial.
  • Create a wall structure where the plants will live. There are YouTube videos showing you how to do so!
  • Choose the right plants to live on your wall. Choose low maintenance houseplants such as pothos, dracaena, and philodendron. 
  • Show your plants love and attention by keeping up with proper maintenance such as checking for pests or sickness, and pruning. 

Sources: MyDomaine, HGTV ​

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