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Five Reasons Why Fixed Rates are Better

Winter is still here, and with winter comes sudden changes in temperature. Unfortunately, cold snaps are a part of it and can wreak havoc not only on our patience but our energy bills. One way to ease your nerves and wallet is to switch your energy plan from a floating (aka variable) rate to a fixed rate plan. Here are five reasons why fixed rates are better.

​Rates remain stable

A fixed rate provides predictability throughout the term of your energy plan. Meaning when the market fluctuates, your unit price remains constant. Keep in mind that when your energy consumption shifts so will your bill.

​Save BIG bucks

With a fixed rate plan and market fluctuations, you'll end up saving money if your energy consumption remains constant. ​

Easier to bud​get

Having a budget is helpful in maintaining a home and lifestyle, and knowing how much your essential energy bill will be is important. Take the stress away of knowing how much to budget and estimate with confidence. ​

Peac​e of mi​nd

Breathe a sigh of relief when your bill comes in the mail as you know what to expect. A fixed rate plan can alleviate monthly sticker shock. Given your energy consumption, your bill should remain consistent.

Switch to a fixed plan with ease

By switching to a fixed rate plan with Encor, we'll help you customize the right plan for you. We'll guide you through the process and make it easy. Avoid the awkward break up call with your current provider as we'll do it for you.  Plus you can cancel your plan or switch to a floating rate plan at any time, without penalties.  

Ready to take your energy bill by the horns? Learn more about our energy plans and give us a call at 310-4822​ (toll free in Alberta). Already made the switch? Check out our blog for more ways to live a little greener. ​​​


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