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​Cooling your home without air ​c​onditioning

It’s a hot, sunny day, the windows are open but there’s no breeze. So, cooling down your home is a must! Not everyone has AC at home so finding other ways to bring down the temperature is key. Here are some ways you may or may not be aware of to cool down your home.

Close the blind​​s

Did you know that windows can bring in up to 90% of the sun’s heat? Cool down the room by closing the blinds during peak sunny hours. You can even take it one step further and apply heat reducing film which helps regulate temperature in summer and winter!

Turn your ceiling fan counterclockw​ise

The ceiling fan is an unsung hero during hot days when heat is trapped in a room. Remember to rotate the blades counterclockwise to push the air down and increase the fan speed to cool down the room. 

Weather-strip your windows ​​and doors

Not just a winter-to-do but weather-stripping is also valuable for the summer months. It keeps cool air from escaping through doors and windows. Installation doesn’t take too much time and could be an easy DIY project.  

Leave your interior doors ​​open

Speaking of doors, keep your interior one open. This allows air flow to move throughout the home letting the warm air cool down.

Plant some trees and bu​​​shes

Cool down your home and add privacy by planting trees and bushes. By planting foliage around your home, it stops heat from entering through windows. Bonus: it can add curb appeal!

Switch to cotton

Swap your clothing and bed sheets to natural fibres such as cotton. Cotton is a breathable fibre that allows your body to cool down.

Take advantage of the cool​​er evenings

Breathe a sigh of relief and fall asleep with more ease by sleeping with your windows open. The cooler overnight temperatures will circulate throughout your home allowing for a fresh morning.

Lower the li​​ghts

Switch your lightbulbs to a lower wattage. If you still use incandescent lightbulbs, it can produce extra heat which can make a difference if multiple lights are on. Did we mention switching lightbulbs can be energy-saving? Try it out!

Keep this list handy for the next heat wave or next time it’s too warm. For more helpful tips, visit our blog​.


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