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​​DIY toys

Bring imaginary worlds and characters to life with DIY toy workshops. From dolls and cars to castles and warriors, the options are endless for what kids can build.

Gaining popularity are Qixe​ls, pixel cubes that join together to create unique 3D designs. Unlike traditional model building kits that use messy glue, a blast of water is all you'll need to fuse these cubes together.


Canvas playhouses

Playhouses have come a long way since the days of sliver-riddled forts. Whether setting up shop in an ice cream truck or sailing the sea in a pirate ship, your kids can let their imaginations run wild in any style of playhouse that they can dream up. While plastic and wooden playhouses can be pricey and tricky to assemble, canvas tent playhouses are easy to set up and are often more affordable.

Building sets

Guaranteed to provide hours of screen-free fun, building sets offer a combination of educational appeal and excitement. Kids can build unique creations while boosting patience and problem-solving skills.

Classics like LEGO and K'Nex are perfect for kids of all ages and are available in an endless array of themed sets. Help video game buffs kick the habit with LEGO's line of building sets based on popular games and characters.


Creative games

Nothing beats a board game when it comes to bringing the family to the table and away from the TV. Whether you'll get covered in whip cream or wow the crowd with a spot-on impression, board games will have everyone cracking up.

For family-friendly fun, get the Googly Eyes game. The object of the game is to draw something and have your teammates guess what it is before the timer goes off. But there's a catch! The player doing the drawing has to wear a pair of kooky looking glasses, with lenses that completely distort their vision.

Sources: LEGO, K'Nex, Qixels, Goliath Games

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