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​​​​Getting ready to move into a new home?

Make preparation and packing a breeze with these must-try tips.


1. Bundle your clothes with bags

Planning on packing your clothes in suitcases or boxes? You'll spend valuable time taking each item off the hanger and putting it back on again when you unpack. Save yourself the headache by using garbage or recycling bags to easily transport your clothes.

While still hanging in your closet, bundle your clothes in groups of five or six, then slide each group into a bag. To unpack, simply hang the bundles of clothes in your new closet and slide off the bags.

2. Pack pictures and mirrors upright

While it might seem safer to pack picture frames and mirrors by laying them horizontally on top of each other, the pressure and weight make them more likely to break. Instead, pack any fragile items with large surfaces vertically with lots of padding in between.

3. Prevent spills with plastic wrap

Keep lotions, gels, sprays and cleaning supplies from spilling during your move by unscrewing the caps and placing a layer of plastic wrap over the opening before putting the cap back on. You can even pack the sealed containers in plastic bags for extra protection against leaks.

4. Label, label, label

Don't underestimate the importance of labelling. To make unpacking easier and find items fast, try these tips for labelling boxes:

  • Clearly label all four sides of your boxes so that even if when stacked, you can quickly find the one you're looking for.
  • Label each box by room so you know exactly where to put it when you arrive at your new home. You can also use colourful tape to distinguish the boxes (e.g. blue for bathroom, green for bedroom, etc.).
  • Be specific about what's inside. You might have six boxes labelled "Kitchen" but only need the box filled with cooking utensils or dishes. 
  • Make sure that boxes containing breakable items are labelled as fragile and use arrows to let others know that the box should be kept upright.

Preparing for a move can be a time-consuming and tedious task, but a little organization can go a long way in help to make it a smooth transition.  

Looking for more ways to simplify your move? Our team can help you set up or transfer your utilities so that you're ready to settle in as soon as you walk through the door.  

Sources: Life Hack, Mental Floss, Good Housekeeping

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