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3 Unique Ways to Decorate with Holiday Lights

December 04, 2017
Published In: Encor Tips & Tricks

Create Snowball Lanterns

Be inspired by the Swedes and create your own snowball lanterns. Known as a snölykta, these lanterns pop up all across Sweden as soon as the snow starts to fall and building them is a popular winter activity.

To create a snowball lantern that will hold up in any weather, replace snowballs with medium-sized Styrofoam balls. Stack the balls and secure them in place using a hot glue gun, then place an LED tea light inside before closing the top. You can even use snow spray to give your lantern a snow-like texture. While not recyclable, these lanterns can be used year after year and are perfect for lighting walkways or as décor on either side of your front door.

Big snowfall? Try making traditional snölykta!



Craft a Christmas Tree

All you'll need for this easy and inexpensive décor is a tomato cage and battery-operated LED string lights. Flip the tomato cage upside down and strategically wrap string lights around it from top to bottom to create the look and feel of a brightly-lit Christmas tree. You can even add garland and ornaments for the full effect.



Say it in Lights

Decorate your walls with glowing holiday greetings by creating LED rope light word art. Choose a word like "joy," "star" or "cheers" and visit your local home improvement store to purchase enough LED rope lighting to accommodate your design. If the rope lighting doesn't already come with hanging clips, be sure to pick up some of those too.

Form the first letter of your word on the wall and use tape to hold it in place while you attach the clips. Do this for each letter. To finish your word, carry the rope light down towards your power outlet, then plug it in and let it shine!



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