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​Albert​a Government rebates for Encor customers

The Alberta Government has energy rebate programs available to all eligible Encor customers. The rebate information below is for the current Alberta Government programs. ​

 Natural gas rebat​e program

Learn how the Alberta Government natural gas rebate will work.
Alberta Government natural gas rebate

Electricity rebate program has ended

Learn about the Alberta Government ele​ctricity rebate.
Alberta Government electricity rebate

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The Alberta Government natural gas rebate

How does the natural gas rebate work? We’re glad you asked!

Who’s eligible?

  • Customers are automatically eligible for the rebate if they are currently connected to the system, on either a regulated or competitive plan, and receive a monthly bill for natural gas services.
  • Eligible customers include residential, farm, small commercial or other sites who consume less than 2500 gigajoules annually.

Who’s not eligible?

  • Ineligible customers are those who have natural gas that is resold in any portion, or consumed or used outside of Alberta, for feedstock, in processes and activities directly related to the exploration for or the production, processing, reprocessing, refining, upgrading, storage or transportation of natural gas, petroleum or oil sands.

So how does the program work exactly?

  • The rebate is triggered based on market prices and will be automatically applied to eligible bills, if the monthly regulated default natural gas ​rate posted by the Province is above $6.50 per gigajoule (GJ).

    As an example, if t​​he posted provincial regulated default natural gas rate on October 1st is $7.50/GJ, customers would receive a $1/GJ rebate ($7.50-$6.50 = $1) on their natural gas consumption for that month. So a customer who consumes 10 GJ in a month will receive a $10 rebate.​​​​​

  • If a customer’s billing crosses between two months, their​ consumption will be billed according to the rate for the period​ of the month it is incurred in. So if your bill shows you consumed 5 GJ from December 15-31, 2022 and 6 GJ January 1-14, your consumption for each of those periods will be credited based on the po​sted provincial regulated default natural gas rate on Dec 1 (minus $6.50) and on January 1 (minus $6.50).​
  • When the program is triggered (should the government’s posted rate exceed $6.50/GJ limit) the rebate will automatically appear on the Encor bill (when the month’s consumption is billed) ​as the “GOA Utility Commodity Rebate” under the Natural Gas section of your monthly utility bill.

  • The Encor team has you covered. We will monitor ​the rate, do the math and apply the rebates to your bill automatically. Customers do not need to do anything to receive the rebate, and there is no application process for the rebate.
  • If the rebate is not on your bill during a period (when it should be triggered) please wait until your next bill as exact timing will vary depending on your billing cycle. ​​

The Alberta Government electricity rebate

Here’s the scoop on the electricity rebate which the Alberta Government had in place for January to April 2023 consumption. This was an extension of the rebates provided for July to December 2022 consumption. ​​​

2023 Rebate extension amounts were applied when each month’s consumption was billed:

  • January - $75
  • February - $75
  • March - $25
  • April - $25

Who was eligible?

  • Customers were automatically eligible for the rebate if they were connected to the system and received a monthly bill directly from a utility provider and consumed less than 250,000 kWh per year in 2022. Eligible customers included residential, farm, irrigation and commercial electricity sites consuming less than 250,000 kWh​ per year in 2022.

Who was not eligible?

  • Yard and security lights.
  • Sub-metered sites (when a condo or apartment type building has one large commercial meter and then individual meters are installed for each unit).

So how did the program work exactly?

  • ​Customers did not need to do anything to receive the rebate, and there was no application process for the rebate.
  • Eligible customers saw the rebate automatically appear on their EPCOR bill under Delivery Charges as the GOA Utility Commodity Rebate.
  • The rebate was automatically applied to bills and distributed for each eligible site as per the Government's legislation.
  • ​The rebate was GST exempt, and deducted off the total charges after GST was applied.​​

Rebates are great but you can save more every bill with a fixed rate plan

​​​With fluctuating electricity rates expected to continue, we recommend switching to a stable fixed rate power plan to avoid volatile market prices. Customers who signed up for an Encor fixed rate plan in January 2022 have already saved over $500 on their bill compared to the regulated* electricity rate. ​Switch to an Encor fixed rate today!​​​​​

​​​*The regulated rate is the default rate customers pay if they don't select a competitive plan.​​​​​​​​

If you have any questions or concerns with the eligibility criteria, contact the Utility ​​Consumer Advocate at 310-4822 or email​ for support. 

Visit the Government of Alberta ​website for more information on the Government of Alberta Rebate. ​​​