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​What we're all about is You

What sets Encor by EPCOR apart? We focus on you. Our retail energy plans for home or business are designed with making your life easier in mind. Sign up for electricity or natural gas – even green your energy plan – and discover the difference of 100% carefree energy.




Proudly Albertan

We're proudly Albertan, so we understand your energy needs in the Prairies. We care about you, our customers, and take pride in serving you locally. With over 125 years of history, we have extensive experience, and we strive to provide safe, efficient and environmentally friendly electricity and natural gas every day.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, we understand our ever-changing seasons and energy needs, and we're here to help. We'll provide you with plan options to suit your needs, help take care of your energy needs when you move, answer any energy questions you have, and even break up with your previous supplier.



Encor vs. EPCOR

Are Encor and EPCOR the same company? Yes and no.

Yes, we are part of the same family and we do share the same values. EPCOR is the parent company and when you call Encor by EPCOR, the customer service you get is provided by the EPCOR service team.

Encor and EPCOR differ in the services they offer you:

  • EPCOR provides water services in the Edmonton area.

  • EPCOR offers the regulated rate option retail offering (RRO) for electricity. If you fall within EPCOR's service area and are an RRO customer, your rate is set by the Alberta Utilities Commission and it varies month to month.

  • Encor by EPCOR is the competitive retailer for EPCOR and offers a variety of energy plans, including green energy. Unlike EPCOR, Encor can complement your electricity plan by offering natural gas plans and the convenience of a bundled utility bill, including your water services that are provided by EPCOR. 




100% carefree. 100% built for you.

Whether you sign up with Encor by EPCOR or the EPCOR RRO, our carefree energy plans will take care of all your energy needs so you can focus on the moments that matter to you.

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Encor perks and promotions

Whether you're a long-time Encor customer or just getting to know us, we have perks and promotions that you don't want to miss.

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You're local. We're local.

We're proud to be Albertans—just like you. As locals, we understand your energy needs like only Albertans can, so you can live comfortably and worry-free.

More about our 100% carefree energy plans

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Customers are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).