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Delivering high-quality, safe, affordable water 365 days a year is about much more than drilling a well in the ground, or connecting a meter to your home. Being successful in the water industry involves expertise in hydrology, conservation, engineering and many other disciplines.

But perhaps most important, a responsible water utility must be a steward for one of our most precious natural resources. Water can be wasted or taken for granted — and as we've witnessed water levels in lakes and reservoirs fall, smart water management is even more critical during drought.

EPCOR is proud to be a water steward and a thought leader in the industry. We've been asked to provide recommendations to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on ways suppliers can improve water safety and testing, we've appeared before Congress to provide insight into real-life water management, and our leaders serve on the boards of national-level water associations. And in the cities and towns we serve, we're not only residents, we're also leading the efforts to wisely prepare for the future.

When we look at the water industry today and into the future, EPCOR is ready for the long term. As we continue to serve neighborhoods across the Southwest, while also growing into new communities, our team is finding new and innovative ways to deliver sustainable water, recycle the water we use and reduce the amount of energy it takes to operate.