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Delivering high-quality, safe, affordable water 365 days a year is about much more than drilling a well in the ground, or connecting a meter to your home. It involves expertise in hydrology, conservation, engineering and many other disciplines.

But perhaps most of all, a responsible water utility must be a good steward of our water. As we've witnessed water levels in lakes and reservoirs fall, smart water management is even more important. ​​

World-class water stewardship

EPCOR is known for world-class water stewardship, and we take the drought and the health of the water supply very seriously. Our president and members of our senior team are on the boards of the National Association of Water Companies, the advisory board of Arizona State University's Kyl Center for Water Policy at the Morrison Institute and the external advisory board of the Water Resources Research Council at the University of Arizona. Our staff members are also represented on the boards of the AZ Water Association and Water Utilities Association of Arizona.

We've been asked to provide recomm​endations to the Environmental Protection Agency on ways suppliers can improve water safety and testing, and our leadership has appeared before Congress to provide insight into real-life water management.

And in the cities and towns we serve, we're not only residents, we're also leading efforts to prepare responsibly for the future. The Lower Colorado River Basin Drought Contingency Plan is a great example of that. EPCOR’s team worked on the collaborative steering committee that crafted the DCP, and we’re the only private utility participating in the DCP Implementation Plan.

When we look at the water industry today and into the future, EPCOR is ready for the long term with the expertise, experience and forward-thinking commitment our customers can count on.​