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‚ÄčEvery drop of water that comes from your tap takes an amazing journey. From streams and canals to aquifers far below ground, water goes through a series of tanks, pumps, filters and pipes until it's safe to drink. Here's the process that happens every day.

  1. When precipitation falls on a mountain or on the ground, the water cycle starts. Rain and snow slowly permeate the ground to supply the aquifer underground. Water also trickles down mountains and into streams, which gradually supply canals.
  2. When water enters the EPCOR system, we begin to process, filter and test it. We provide customers with more than 58 million gallons of water every day.
  3. Inside our water plants, 24 hours a day, we filter and disinfect the water that comes into our system. We also test water throughout the process to make sure it's safe to drink.
  4. The treated, drinkable water leaves our plant and enters the system to reach your home.
  5. Clean, safe, reliable water is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for drinking, cooking, showering and cleaning. But that's not the end of the cycle. Once water goes down the drain and leaves your home it's also recycled and reused, continuing the lifespan of water.