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Save on your water consumption through simple efficiency maintenance practices in your business.

  1. Read and monitor water-use records monthly.
  2. Regularly check for leaks in all equipment, appliances, piping, steam lines, solenoid valves and related connections.
  3. Shut off water supply to areas, rooms, equipment, and fixtures that are unused.
  4. Install a pressure-reducing valve, where appropriate, to reduce incoming flows, leaks and wear and tear on equipment and plumbing.
  5. Maintain and clean cooling and heating systems.
  6. Reduce loads on water-cooled air conditioning units by shutting them off when and where they are not needed.
  7. Use humidifiers only where and when needed.
  8. To protect water lines from freezing, install shutoff valves rather than running water continuously.
  9. Schedule irrigation system maintenance.
  10. Choose water efficient models when purchasing new equipment, appliances, fixtures, and irrigation systems.