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​Conservation education


Every year, students at schools in our communities benefit from fun, interactive learning activities that teach the value of water. These include the ever-popular "H2O Magic Show" and an elementary school groundwater program presented in cooperation with the Water Resources Research Center at the University of Arizona- Extension Service. Our team members are also available for special educational presentations in classrooms, STEM learning events and more.


EPCOR partners with the nonprofit Watershed Management Group to present rainwater harvesting classes in several communities every year. We also share our Desert Landscaping 101 session with  homeowners associations, community councils and other groups to help their members learn and use xeriscape best practices.

In the greater Phoenix area, EPCOR maintains two beautiful and educational xeriscape demonstration gardens – open to the public to help people choose low-water plants for desert landscaping.

  • West Valley Demonstration Garden – 15626 N. Del Webb Blvd./Sun City

  • Paradise Valley Demonstration Garden – 6229 N. Mockingbird Ln./PV

Residential retrofits, kits and conservation rebate programs

To help customers conserve water in their homes, EPCOR offers conservation kits containing low-flow showerheads, information about reading a water meter, instructions on conducting a self-audit of water usage, etc. The kits are free to individuals, HOAs and other residential associations and businesses in all our service areas.

EPCOR's Clovis, New Mexico customers also have access to specialized rebate programs that pay them back when they install water-saving appliances, toilets and rainwater harvesting systems – and when they scale back the size of their grass lawns.

Conservation specialists

Our innovative Conservation Specialist program is available by phone to help customers understand their water bill, learn how to read their water meter, troubleshoot leaks and more – all in the interest of conserving water and saving money on monthly bills.