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EPCOR was approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) to provide standpipe water service on a permanent basis to the Rio Verde Foothills community.  In order to provide such service, EPCOR will design and construct a water filling station and any other facilities necessary to provide the service (the “standpipe”) and which is accessible to state-licensed water hauling providers.   

Those persons with occupied homes as of the date of the ACC’s Decision No. 79199 (December 12, 2023) and up to 150 property owners who have paid the hook-up fee at the time of account creation.  The project will take 24 to 36 months to build, however Rio Verde Foothills residents are required to apply for enrollment for permanent service in advance of the standpipe becoming commercially operable​​.​

Rio Verde Foothills residents in occupied homes who want water service from EPCOR’s standpipe must complete and submit a customer application in to be included as either a full requirements or standby customer.  Once receiving service from the standpipe, these customers will pay the tariffed rates then approved and on file with the ACC.  Property owners who do not have occupied residences (up to 150) will be considered “enrolled customers” and subject to paying the hook-up fee to eventually receive service as a full or standby customer. The deadline for applying to be a customer is June 1, 2024, per the ACC’s decision.​​

​Frequently asked questions​

What is a water station/standpipe?

A water station is a convenient location where water trucks can purchase potable water that meets all Federal and state drinking water standards. Payments are made through an automated kiosk. Trucks enter the facility and fill up at a dispensing station similar in size and function to a vehicle-filling station.​

Where is the water coming from?

Water is a precious resource and as drought conditions continue in Arizona and the greater Southwest, communities and utilities are increasingly looking to conservation and careful management and preservation of water resources. Water for the Rio Verde Foothills community would be provided through EPCOR’s portfolio of long-term storage credits, exchanging those credits for water that could then be delivered to Rio Verde Foothills through the standpipe.

Why can’t water haulers get water from EPCOR’s Fountain Hills district?

EPCOR’s Operations and Engineering team has already conducted a preliminary feasibility analysis for a water standpipe that would be constructed in Fountain Hills to provide water that could be hauled to Rio Verde Foothills. Our analysis concluded that the proximity of the Fountain Hills Middle School and an adjacent daycare facility to the only road between Fountain Hills and Rio Verde Foothills, which would be the road that any water hauler would have to take, posed too great a human safety risk to justify further consideration.​

Is Rio Verde Foothills taking water from other EPCOR customers?

No, our first responsibility is to our existing customers and ensuring that safe and reliable water is available to them today and well into the future. This is a responsibility we take very seriously and continuously study and plan for water resource supplies. The water for Rio Verde Foothills would come from long-term storage credits that EPCOR has accumulated from years of storing and recharging unused water supplies.​

How long will it take to build the water station?

Now that the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) has approved EPCOR’s application, design, construction and approvals from any permitting agencies could take 24 to 36 months.​

How much will it cost to build the water station?

Based on current market costs, it will cost at least $5 to $6 million.​ ​

How much will the water cost?

EPCOR’s rates for service are reviewed and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The ACC approved an initial rate of $16.28 per 1,000 gallons, billed by the gallon, subject to true up once the water station is built and fully operational.​

Will the station be complete by the end of 2025?

EPCOR’s team of engineering and operations expert have already begun the process of determining the right location and design for the permanent infrastructure. We are moving as quickly as possible to get the water hauling station built. We are doing everything in our power to have the project done by December 31, 2025.​

Where will it be located?

The location of the water-hauling station will be selected to balance three factors: cost, community impact and water source. Now that the ACC has approved EPCOR’s application, our engineering and operations experts can actively begin the process of locating and designing the permanent infrastructure.​

Will I need my own account?

For service from the permanent water-hauling station that will be built, yes.

When the permanent, EPCOR-owned water-hauling station is complete and operational, homeowners will need to establish individual accounts. Each account will have its own PIN number, which they or their contracted water hauler will use in order to access the water-hauling station. This ensures that water meant for the Rio Verde Foothills community remains within the community.

I have a well. Will I be able to get service from EPCOR?

Any eligible homeowner in the Rio Verde Foothills service area, including those with private wells, will be able to establish an account for service with EPCOR when the permanent standpipe infrastructure is complete. Customers must sign up by June 1, 2024 no applications will be processed after that date.​

Is anything changing with the temporary water-hauling service through the City of Scottsdale-owned standpipe?

Today, there is no change to the process for residents who are already receiving hauled water service from the existing City of Scottsdale-owned standpipe.​

Is there a limit on how much water is available for the Rio Verde Foothills community?

150 acre feet for the entire year for all customers.

EPCOR customers may not obtain the water they receive from the standpipe under their account and provide that water to non-EPCOR customers (even if they are on the same shared well). EPCOR will enforce usage requirements. The Arizona Corporation Commission-approved tariff states that a customer’s account can be terminated if the customer uses more than twice the median residential usage for more than two months in the year.​

I haul my own water. Do I need insurance?

It is your responsibility to maintain adequate vehicle insurance for your personal vehicle and equipment.

When will I know if I get service?

If your home was built before December 12, 2023, and it is located within the Rio Verde Foothills service area defined by the ACC’s approval, you are already guaranteed service when the water-hauling station is built and operational.

If your home is not built by December 12, 2023, and it is located within the Rio Verde Foothills service area defined by the ACC’s approval, you must submit an application by June 1, 2024. Only 150 homes built after December 12, 2023, will be approved for service.​​

Can I drill a well on my property?

Drilling a well is an application process that is regulated by the Arizona Department of Water Resources. A Notice of Intent to Drill a Well must be filed and reviewed and approved by the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

Do I need to pay the HUF (hook-up fee)?

The hook-up fee, set at $24,000 in the ACC’s approval, is required only for homes built after December 12, 2023.​

How much will my bill be?

Residents who are approved will be placed in one of two categories based on their requirements.

The first is Full Requirements. Full requirements means the customer would like to buy water weekly/monthly etc. from the standpipe and have it delivered by a water hauler or haul it themselves. The current approved rate for this service is $75 per month as a basic fixed service charge plus $16.28 per thousand gallons purchased (billed monthly).

The Second is Standby Requirements. Standby requirements means a customer would like access to the standpipe, but may not need water other than once per year (say to fill a pool) or in an emergency when a well pump breaks and needs to be fixed. The current approved rate for this service is $25 per month, but in the month he or she takes service, there would be a $225 monthly charge plus the $16.28 per thousand gallons purchased (billed monthly).

Please note that customers can transition from Full to Standby and from Standby to Full only once in a 13 month period.​

When do I start paying?

EPCOR cannot charge for water service from the permanent standpipe infrastructure until it is fully built and operational.​

If I am in the third group of Rio Verde Foothills Customers, who did not have their home built by December 12, 2023 and I am accepted as one of the 150 customers, when do I have to pay the $24,000 fee?

Once approved as an EPCOR customer who is allowed to have service from the Rio Verde Foothills Standpipe and you receive official notice, you’ll need to pay that $24,000 fee within 45 calendar days. ​

Will there be a lottery for the third customer group?

No. Less than 150 applications were received for the third customer group. Everyone who submitted an application prior to June 1, 2024, and meets our acceptance criteria will be eligible to become an EPCOR standpipe customer . The hook-up fee of $24,000 will be due 45 days after you receive your official acceptance from EPCOR.

When will EPCOR notify me that I have been approved service?

EPCOR hopes to notify c​ustomers via email, phone, or letter by the end of August 2024.

I own property but have not yet built my home. Will I be able to get service?
​The ACC’s approval of EPCOR’s application for permanent water hauling station service approves up to 150 future homes for future water service. To be one of those 150, homeowners must apply by June 1, 2024. If more than 150 landowners submit an application, a lottery will be held.