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​The Alberta Government electricity rebate

The Alberta Government announced their electricity rebate program is being extended for another four months (for January to April 2023 consumption). This is an extension of the rebates provided for the months covering July to December consumption. 

​As EPCOR has done before, we will continue to ensure the rebate is delivered to eligible customers as per the approved Government of Alberta legislation.

2023 Rebate extension amounts are applied when each month’s consumption is billed:

  • ​​January - $75
  • ​February - $75
  • ​March - $25
  • ​April - $25

Visit the Government of Alberta website​ for more information on the Government of Alberta Rebate.

Here is what you need to know about the electricity rebate. 

  • Customers do not need to do anything to receive the rebate, and there is no application process for the rebate. ​
  • Customers are automatically eligible for the rebate if they are currently connected to the system and receive a monthly bill directly from a utility provider and consume less than 250 MW hours per year in 2022. Eligible customers include residential, farm, irrigation and commercial electricity sites consuming less than 250 MW hours per year in 2022.
  • Yard and security lights are ineligible.
  • Sub-metered sites (when a condo or apartment type building has one large commercial meter and then individual meters are installed for each unit) are ineligible. ​
  • Eligible customers will see the rebate automatically ​appear on the EPCOR bill under Delivery Charges as the GOA Utility Commodity Rebate. 

  • The rebate will be automatically applied to bills and will be distributed for each eligible site as ​per the Government's legislation.
  • The rebate is GST exempt, and is deducted off the total charges after GST is applied. 


If you hav​e any questions or concerns with the eligibility criteria, you'​​ll need to contact the Utility Con​​sumer Advocate at 310-4822 or email​ for support.

Visit the Government of Albe​rta website for more information on the Government of A​lberta Rebate.​​​



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