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Health, Safety & Envi​ronment (HSE) Policy​

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and the public. Getting home safely and protecting the public and the environment are responsibilities we all share.


We b​e​li​​eve

  • ​​All incidents and injuries are preventable

  • Everyone has the right to work in a physically and psychologically safe workplace, and to be accepted and treated with respect and dignity

  • All employees and contractors are accountable for ensuring the safety of the public and each other, and for working in an environmentally responsible manner

  • Health, safety, and environmental aspects must be considered when establishing processes

  • Employee involvement, training, and communication are essential to achieve health, safety, and environmental excellence

  • Action is needed to both mitigate and adapt to climate change, support community sustainability and health, and protect the integrity of utility operations​​


Our commitments​

  • ​​​Create and sustain a positive culture that supports the prevention of all work-related injuries and illnesses, and supports the psychological well-being of our employees 
  • Identify and evaluate hazards and their associated risks, and implement controls to eliminate or reduce them 
  • Provide timely and effective training, resources,  and equipment
  • Maintain an effective HSE management system and continually improve our performance by setting objectives and targets and engaging employees and stakeholders
  • Prevent pollution and reduce our environmental impacts affecting the ecosystems in which  we operate 
  • Mitigate our direct climate impact by establishing a pathway to significant reductions and ultimately net zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • Implement climate adaptation initiatives that protect the resilience of utility infrastructure and enhance community resiliency
  • Meet or exceed all applicable legal requirements, industry stan​dards, and societal expectations
  • ​Measure and share our HSE performance, learn from our incidents and apply corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence​​

Everyone is expected to ​​un​derstand, promote, and support the implementation of this policy.​​​​​

Safety matters to us. Because you matter.

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