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​Nothing is more important than health and safety​

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy makes it clear that nothing is more important than the health and safety of Team EPCOR, our contractors and the public in the communities we serve. Getting home safely at the end of each shift, and protecting the public and environment, are responsibilities we all share.

Being a socially-responsible company means placing high priorities on people and relationships —  with our dedicated teams across the organization and with customers and stakeholders in the many communities we serve.

2021 brought many challenges, as we continued supporting our teams to work safely and stay healthy, delivering reliable services as we responded to emergencies in extreme weather conditions, and demonstrating our commitment to community
partners and causes.

Through living our company’s purpose statement — Communities count on us. We count on each other — Team EPCOR kept our performance levels in line with, or close to, what we have seen in previous years.

Team safety

EPCOR’s safety-first culture is embedded in every team, regardless of whether they are operating in the field, running a plant, or working in an office location. Following a record-best year for safety results in 2020, we saw a sl​ight increase in incidents for 2021. Total Recordable Injury Frequency and Lost Time Injury results continue to show a more than 40% improvement over 2018, which was EPCOR’s first full year of expanding operations to include the Edmonton Drainage utility.​

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COVID-19 update navigating the evolution of the pandemic

The second year of the COVID-19 pandemic was a constant exercise in managing the health of team members and the hopes for community recovery.

EPCOR was diligent about keeping team members informed of policies and processes designed to keep them safe and healthy, as well as up-to-date on our preparations for eventual workplace returns.

ECHO – the daily callout for a healthy workforce

By early 2021, EPCOR’s online daily health-screening tool, ECHO (short for EPCOR COVID Health Outlook), became the primary method for verifying that team members were healthy and fit for duty. Designed specifically for EPCOR and accessible through any mobile device, workplace or home computer, ECHO provided a quick and secure way for team members to check in before leaving their home, mitigating the risk of anyone showing up to work while presenting symptoms.​

​Expanding awareness on the benefits of vaccination

The personal health of individuals is a private matter that EPCOR respects among our workforce. At the same time, we play a role in educating our workforce on ways to protect their health and increase their likelihood of reporting for work healthy and ready for duty.

With this in mind, EPCOR ran virtual vaccination awareness sessions, hosted by a medical consultant who is both a physician and lawyer, and who holds a position at the University of Toronto’s faculty of medicine. This combined expertise, and encouragement for welcoming and open discussions, brought value and insight for team members.

The path to workplace reintegration and hybrid work arrangements​

At EPCOR, team members were kept informed of our plans for a staged approach for returns to the workplace when the time is right. This supported being both physically and mentally prepared to return and to understand all steps in the process, with reintegration based on set schedules for teams and locations, and having facility and technology support in place.

Along with these plans, eligible employees were able to request participation in Where We Work — a new hybrid work program that will see employees splitting work days between time at an EPCOR facility and their home offices. The program is designed to balance the benefits of connecting with team members in-person, and the convenience of working from home, with the intent of improving work-life balance.

Featured stories

Our health and safety values extend to every aspect of our business, from our employees and the services we provide to our customers and communities.

Safe and sound​

EPCOR believes in safe​​​​ty. From their first day at work, employees recognize that safety is a core part of everything EPCOR does. We put a lot of emphasis on creating a safe place to work—physically and mentally. We demonstrate that commitment by ensuring safety has a place at the highest levels of our organization.​​

Experience our safety culture​​​

Keeping people safe around stormwater facilities​

You might know them as community ponds, but they are actually a part of our city’s drainage infrastructure, and they aren’t safe for any type of recreation. EPCOR runs an annual campaign to help communicate the hidden dangers below the ice’s surface of stormwater management facilities. 

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