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​​Environment and clima​te change at EPCOR

We are working to create a culture of environmental leadership, starting with our people. Our employees are empowered to become early adopters of new technologies and operating practices that help improve our environmental footprint. We promote innovative solutions to environmental and climate change challenges—from reducing greenhouse gasses to protecting our water resources.

E​nvironment and climate change strategy

At EPCOR, we're reducing our own environmental footprint and we're helping communities and customers reduce theirs. Our strategy helps build resiliency in our infrastructure and the communities we serve.

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Climate mitigation: our pathway to net zero

Reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions company-wide by 2050 requires commitment to innovation and close collaboration with regulators and policymakers.​​

Explore the pathway

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Envir​onment management foundations

Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy is our foundation for environment management. We seek to exceed the minimum requirements for our industry, and we're always looking for ways to improve our approach.

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​Our environment and climate​​ change strategy in action

EPCOR's environment and climate cha​nge strategy is supported by real actions that are making a measurable difference in protecting our environment. We're building stronger infrastructure and communities, and we're doing it in a way that positively impacts the environment and address climate change.

Improving the resilience of our utilities

The impacts and aftermath of a major flooding event in Edmonton would be considerable. We're investing in critical asset protection or relocation to prevent flood-related structural damage, as well as measures to prevent backflow from waste stream outfalls and overland flood inundation.

Learn how we're protecting our infrastructure

Designing a flood protection plan for Edmonton

EPCOR's flood mitigation program is designed to protect homes, businesses and essential services from significant urban flooding caused by large rainfall events. The plan outlines our approach to slow, move, secure, predict and respond to flooding events to prevent or reduce t​heir impacts.​

Read about five key areas for flood protection

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Reducing our​ environmental footprint

In addition to greening our energy supply, we're looking at all operations to reduce our environmental footprint. We're eliminating PCBs from electrical equipment, and we're optimizing our fleet to reduce fuel consumption. We're also protecting water quality of the North Saskatchewan River.​

See how we're reducing our footprint​​

Supporting community resiliency

Building community resilience is about helping our customers reduce their own environmental footprint as well as strengthening our assets in the community. Some of these strategies include mitigating flood risks, modernizing the electricity grid, and increasing the supply of renewable natural gas.​

Explore ways to build resilient communities​​​

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Developing the E.L. Smith Solar Farm

The E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant supplies more than 65% of all the water consumed in Edmonton and our surrounding communities. And because of the electrical energy needed to pump water, it's also EPCOR's second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. ​

Learn how a smart grid will reduce emissions

Greening our electricity supply

Edmonton operations will be 100% powered by clean electricity, using wind and solar energy. Between the E.L. Smith Solar Farm and a new wind farm in southern Alberta, we'll significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Discover t​he impact of green energy

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​Featured storie​s

Water is a life-sustaining resource. We understand measures must be taken now to protect our water supplies in Canada and the United States. And we're doing this in an environmentally-friendly way.​

Full circle

From heat-producing biogas and golf course hydration, to nutrients for farmers' fields - for EPCOR, wastewater is never wasted water.

Upping the creek

Less than a decade ago, Saskatchewan's Qu'Appelle River watershed was in trouble. EPCOR's public-private partnership with the City of Regina turned things around thanks to innovative wastewater technology.

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The North Saskatchewan​ River and climate change

Our job is to collaboratively manage​ and protect the North Saskatchewan River for the more than 1 million people in 70 communities who rely on its water. To protect our water supply, we need to protect the environment and take action on climate change.​

Read how we protect the North Saskatchewan River

Securing water supplies in the desert southwest

Climate change and a declining Colorado River threatens the water supply in the southwestern United States. EPCOR partnerships, as well as solutions to safely reuse water, protect the water supply, and provide safe water for communities.

Learn more about our water reclamation initiatives

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Protecting the environment is one way we're building stronger communities

We’re committed to helping our communities by protecting the environment and promoting social responsibility. We do that by conducting our business responsibly, with openness and transparency. We're pleased to share our ESG report to showcase our performance in areas that are important to us—our customers, our partners, and the communities we serve.

See our ESG report