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How we serve our customer​​s

Our ESG scorecard reflects the diversity of the ways we serve our customers and m​eet their needs. Whether it’s delivering high quality customer service; prudently managing our business to keep costs reasonable; or an unwavering commitment to ensuring safe, reliable services, our people are living our company’s purpose every day — knowing that communities count on us.​

Safe and reliable utility services

Take a closer look at the innovative plans and technologies we're using to achieve high levels of reliability in Edmonton’s electricity distribution system, while improving communications and responsiveness for electricity customers.

Learn how we keep the power on and water flowing

Counting on each other through the pandemic

Learn about our response to the extraordinary challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and how, internally and externally, we mirrored and modelled our purpose statement​

Supporting one another through challenging times

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Prioritizing our customers is one way we're building stronger communities​

We’re committed to helping our communities by protecting the environment and promoting social responsibility. We do that by conducting our business responsibly, with openness and transparency. We're pleased to share our ESG report to showcase our performance in areas that are important to us—our customers, our partners, and the communities we serve.​

See our ESG report