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We've been nationally recognized for innovation and excellence in corporate governance. As part of a continuing commitment to excellence, we comply with the applicable rules and guidelines for the disclosure of corporate governance practices established under National Instrument 58-101. All board members are independent as the term is defined under this instrument.

Statement of Corporate Governance Practices

Our corporate governance policies, principles and practices are described in our Statement of Corporate Governance Practices, published each year in Appendix II of our Annual Information Form (AIF) on SEDAR.

Our statement describes the responsibilities of the Board and its committees, our practices for position descriptions, nominations, Director independence, board size, assessment, orientation, continuing education, meetings, compensation, and the roles of management in relation to the Board.​   

Together, these practices enable the Board to deliver on its responsibility for the overall stewardship and governance of EPCOR and long-term value to our shareholder, the City of Edmonton.

Governance f​eatures

  • Our sole shareholder, the City of Edmonton, appoints the board.
  • The chair and all board members operate independently of the shareholder with full authority to make strategic business decisions. No employees or elected representatives of the City sit on the board.
  • Directors are respected business and community leaders from across Canada.
  • Operating under a clear Statement of Governance Practices, the board:
    • Approves the goals of the business and correlating objectives and policies
    • Evaluates management's performance
  • The selection, assessment and evaluation process for directors seeks to match individual skills with EPCOR's needs, using an independent consultant and skills matrix.​​

EPCOR’s independent Board of Directors includes a range of business and community leaders from across North America. Watch as our Board Chair, Janice Rennie, offers perspective on the role of EPCOR’s board and commitments to sound governance. Note: since the recording of this video, EPCOR's annual dividend to the City of Edmonton increased from $171 million to $177 million​ in 2022.


Our board has established four committees to provide more detailed reviews of important areas of responsibility:

  • ​​Audit Committee

  • Environmental, Health & Safety Committee

  • Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee

  • Human Resources & Compensation Committee​​​​