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Our value beyond clean water and safe, reliable energy

Through operations and capital investments, we distribute economic value to a wide range of stakeholders. In 2020, we distributed more than $2.6 billion in economic value to stakeholders. This number grew to $2.9 billion in 2021.


$1,036 million

Supplie​​rs​ (capital investments)

Payments made for investments in property, plant and equipment, including acquisitions.


$865 million

Suppl​iers (operating costs)

Payments for materials and services, including energy, operating costs, contractors, materials, facilities, and administration.


$367 million


Employee wages and benefits, including payroll taxes and pension contributions.​


$350 million

Pro​viders of capital​

Repayment of principal on loans, and interest paid on debt and borrowing.


$171 million


Dividends paid to our sole shareholder, the City of Edmonton.​​

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$143 million


Current income tax, property tax and franchise fees to all orders of government.​

$3 million

​C​ommunity investments

Payments to not-for-profit organizations through EPCOR's Community Investment Program and watershed-related sponsorships.​​​

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Creating value across North America

When we bring new development to an area, many people benefit. It creates jobs, generates revenue of suppliers, and boosts tax bases for governments. In addition, we always invest in our communities, and that benefits everyone.​​

Bringing natural gas servic​​e to Ontario's Southern Bruce regio​n


​After several years of planning, community engagement, and regulatory work, we began construction on a new natural gas distribution system for the Southern Bruce region of Ontario in 2019. For the first time in the region's history, residents, farms and businesses in the area will enjoy the comforts and convenience of natural gas services. 

We​ connected and energized a series of industrial customers in August 2020 and did the same for residential and business customers in the communities of Kncardine, Arran-Elderslie, Tiverton and the Township of Huron-Kinloss in November 2020. For customers who previously used propane, electricity or oil for home heating, natural gas service substantially lowers their utility costs.

​In 2021, we reached nearly 300 kilometres of installed pipeline the Southern Bruce region. That same year, the province of Ontario announced that EPCOR will receive $20-million in funding for a proposed project to extend natural gas service to customers in the municipality of Brockton.

Our natural gas services in Ontario​

​Improving service and sup​porting growth in Arizona's San Tan Valle​y


​In October 2020, we announced an agreement had been reached to acquire Johnson Utilities, where we had been acting as interim manager since 2018. The acquisition of Johnson Utilities, now referred to as the San Tan operations, was finalized in January 2021. Our operations in San Tan Valley provide water and wastewa​ter services for customers in a 160-square-mile service area in one of the fastest growing regions in the U.S. 

Regulators and customers welcomed the news that EPCOR would become owner and operator of the system. 

Arizona Corporation Commission Chair Lea Marquez-Peterson observed that the sale to EPCOR “will ensure residents of San Tan Valley have safe and reliable water and wastewater service moving forward and allow critical economic development in the area to continue.” ​​​

San Tan Valley attorney Court Rich told the Arizona Republic that having EPCOR as owner would “unlock immense economic potential and job-creating potential. The entire region will benefit.” 

By March of 2021, we had announced the start of an expansion of the Pecan Water Reclamation Plant, and by April 2022 we had completed the project. The project increased the facility's capacity by 1 million gallons per day and replaced the poorly maintained parts of the facility where the wastewater treatment process begins. 

The expansion of the facility is part of more than $138 million in infrastructure improvements that will be needed over the next three years, including the construction of a new wastewater treatment facility to serve customers.

We also completed the latest expansion at the Luke 303 Wastewater Reclamation Facility​ in Arizona in 2021, and were selected to develop a new leading-edge wastewater facility for Lake Oswego.

As these projects further established EPCOR’s value in the utility sector in the southern U.S., our time in owning and operating the water utility system in Bullhead City came to a close. This was driven by a two-year process in which Bullhead City pursued expropriation of the utility for operation and management by the municipality.

Following the posting of a bond in mid-2021, and assessment to determine fair value for purchase of the utility system, EPCOR and Bullhead City mutually agreed on a settlement and concluded the process in early 2022.

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It’s all about the ​connection

Connecting growing communities to cleaner heating sources, like natural gas, can be challenging work. EPCOR’s long history of working collaboratively with developers, regulators and customers has given us the edge in helping cities and towns make smart energy choices — from Ontario to Texas.

Connecting customers to natural gas​