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We provide Red Deer County with a range of operational and technical expertise. We also operate and maintain the water, wastewater and storm systems of 5 communities in Red Deer County—20,000 residents stretched across 4,000 km2. The county owns the assets, sets rates and bills customers while we read the meters.

Red Deer County contracted us to operate and maintain the water, wastewater and storm systems in these 5 communities in Red Deer County:

  • Benalto
  • Spruce View
  • Gasoline Alley
  • Lousana
  • Springbrook


  • Water treatment
  • Water distribution
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater/storm water collection


  • Operations & maintenance.
  • 10 year term; until 2024.

Population served

Approximately 1,800 between five small communities.

About the System Infrastructure


​System highlights

Population: 130

Water source: 2 wells near the water treatment plant.

Water treatment plant

  • Capacity: annual average flow is 92 m3/day.
  • Chlorine disinfection.

Wastewater treatment plant

  • Gravity-flow sanitary system with no pumps.

Distribution and transmission

  • Nine fire hydrants.
  • 1,800 m3 treated water reservoir
  • 2,200 m of pipe.

Sanitary sewer system

  • 2,400 m of pipe.
  • 25 manholes.
  • lagoons ( 76,380 m3 capacity).
Liberty Park (aka South Hills/‘Gasoline Alley’)

Supplied by treated water from the City of Red Deer.

System highlights

  • Population: primarily serves 300 commercial customers, plus retail and industrial sites.
  • Water source: Red Deer River.

Distribution and transmission

  • 8,400 m of water mains.
  • 110 fire hydrants.
  • 3,000 m3 treated water storage reservoir.

Sanitary sewer system

  • Flows into Waskasoo Regional Sewer System.

System highlights

  • Population: 68

Wastewater treatment plant

  • No pumps, all gravity flow into a lagoon.
  • Total capacity of lagoon 20,950 m3.

Sanitary sewer collection

  • 2,400 m of pipe.
  • 21 manholes.
  • Local water co-op operates drinking water system.

Petrolia Park Pumphouse
  • Supplied by treated water from the City of Red Deer.
  • Services Clearview and Mckenzie Industrial Parks.
  • A separate reservoir (2,500 m3) and pumphouse service Petrolia Park.
  • Sanitary sewer lines are tied into the Waskasoo Regional system.
  • Stormwater drains to Piper Creek.
Springbrook (Mynarski Park) Pumphouse

System highlights

  • Population: 1100.
  • Water source: Two wells.

Water treatment plant

  • Treatment plant with chlorine disinfection.
  • Four treated water storage reservoirs (3,260 m3 capacity).

Distribution and transmission

  • 2,700 m of pipe.
  • 53 hydrants.

Sanitary sewer system

  • 5,400 m of pipe.
  • 106 manholes.
  • Two lift stations pump into the Waskasoo Regional Sewer System.
  • 5,600 m of storm water pipe discharges into Waskasoo Creek.
Spruce View

System highlights

  • Population: 229
  • Water source: Two wells.

Water treatment plant

  • Capacity: average annual treated water flow of 68 m3/day.
  • Uses chlorine disinfection and two greensand filters.

Distribution and transmission

  • 250 m3 treated water reservoir.
  • 2,700 m of water pipe.
  • 12 hydrants.

Wastewater system

  • 4,700 m of sanitary sewer pipe.
  • 1 lift station feeding the lagoons.
  • In 2003 the lagoons were upgraded and a 33,000 m3 cell was added. A facultative cell (10,900 m3) and a storage cell (32,000 m3) also exist.
  • Stormwater collection is handled via surface runoff, eventually draining into the Medicine River.

Environmental considerations

We cooperate with local, provincial and federal environmental agencies to ensure all regulatory and environmental requirements are met or exceeded.