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We have a 20-year contract with the City of Chestermere to maintain its water and wastewater infrastructure, including:

  • A potable water reservoir
  • Sanitary lift stations
  • Water distribution systems
  • Wastewater collection system
  • Water metering services, including meter installations and meter reading

We've also provided a 10-year capital program to upgrade Chestermere's facilities, including expanding the city's reservoir and adding a lift station.

Learn more about how The City of Calgary treats Chestermere's water and wastewater.


  • Water distribution
  • Wastewater collection


  • Operations & Maintenance
  • 20-year term

Population served

19,715 (2016 Municipal Census)

About the System Infrastructure

Water System

Water distribution system

  • 244 hydrants
  • 87 km of water main pipes
  • 784 main valves


  • Chestermere receives its treated drinking water from the City of Calgary via the East Calgary Regional Water Line (ECRWL).
  • Calgary's Distribution system is connected to the main storage reservoir in Chestermere, which is called the Water Transfer Station (WTS).
  • The WTS is used as both a booster station and a reservoir.
  • From the WTS, water is delivered to the Chestermere distribution system.
Wastewater System

Wastewater collection system

  • 780 manholes
  • 99 km of sanitary sewer pipe
  • 13 lift stations


  1. Sanitary sewer lines collect wastewater from the customers.
  2. Wastewater is transported to lift stations.
  3. The lift stations transport the sanitary wastewater to Calgary's collection system.​