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​Solar farm
EPCOR’s kīsikāw pīsim (KEY-see-gaw PEE-sim) solar farm, adjacent to the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant, is officially energized. Enoch Cree Nation gifts the name, which means daylight sun and is represented in Cree syllabics as ᑮᓯᑳᐤ  ᐲᓯᒼ. ​


San Tan water and wastewater districts acquisition
After serving as interim manager of Johnson Utilities Inc., EPCOR USA acquires the utility, now known as the San Tan water and wastewater districts. This makes EPCOR USA the water and wastewater service provider for one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States.

Pecan expansion
Pecan Water Reclamation Facility expansion project begins in the San Tan water and wastewater districts. 

Solar farm construction begins
Construction starts on the solar farm, which will generate renewable energy to help power the nearby E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant.

ESG reporting
EPCOR publishes its Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) report, building on 20 years of sustainability reporting, and includes a scorecard of 25 performance measures and 17 targets.


Pandemic relief
EPCOR contributes more than $2 million to pandemic relief and recovery, in large part through its Heart + Soul Fund in sup​port of arts, cultural and charitable organizations. The fund continues in 2021 and 2022, with a total of $3.9 million for 123 grants, provided to more than 80 organizations over three years. This is in addition to the more than $1 million provided in community support each year.​

MOU signed with Enoch Cree Nation
Enoch Cree Nation and EPCOR sign a memorandum of understanding to formalize their commitment to working together in the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration. 


Solar farm approved
The Alberta Utilities Commission approves EPCOR’s application to construct and operate a solar farm adjacent to the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant. 

Rio Verde purchase
EPCOR USA acquires a 100 percent stake in Rio Verde Utilities Inc., which serves the Rio Verde area northeast of Scottsdale, Ariz.

Taste test award
Edmonton’s tap water is named the People's Choice Winner of the American Water Works Association Tap Water Taste Test, as voted by thousands of water experts.


Entry into Ontario electricity market
We completed the acquisition of Collus Powerstream Corporation on October 1. We provide electricity to close to 20,000 customers in three​ major communities in Simcoe County — Collingwood, Stay​​ner and Creemore — plus a portio​n of the town of Blue Mountains (formerly Thornbury).              


EPCOR welcomes Edmonton Drainage Services
Edmonton City Council approved the transfer of its Drainage Services department to EPCOR, giving us responsibility for mana​​ging Edmonton's complete water utility cycle. About 700 skilled and experienced Drainage employees joined our team.

Entry into natural gas market
We moved into a new line of business with acquisitions of two natural gas companies: Natural Resource Gas Limited, which serves customers in four counties in southwestern Ontario; and Hughes Gas Resources Inc., which serves customer connections and provides wholesale transmission services in Texas.


125 Years
EPCOR celebrates 125 years since the day our founders were granted a permit to build the Edmonton Electric Lighting and Power Company, which eventually became EPCOR.

EPCOR USA enters Texas market
EPCOR USA In​c., a wholly owned subsidiary of EPCOR Utilities Inc., acquires the 130 Pipeline Project, a 53-mile wholesale water supply pipeline that delivers groundwater from Burleson County to eastern Travis County in the northeastern Austin, Texas metropolitan area.

Regina Wastewater Treatment Plant meets more stringent environmental standards
The wastewater treatment plant, a partnership between EPCOR and the City of Regina, was among Canada's top water infrastructure projects when built. EPCOR achieved substantial completion in December 2016 and will be the plant's long-term operator.


Construction begins on Luke 303 Regional Water Reclamation Facility
EPCOR USA, Maricopa County and the City of Glendale mark the start of construction on a 40-acre facility that will fuel new growth and development along the Loop 303 transportation corridor in Maricopa County.

EPCOR and Maricopa Water Districtsign historic water agreement
EPCOR signs an innovative agreement that provides enough water to supply 41,000 homes and businesses each year.

EPCOR expands to Saskatchewan
The City of Regina selects EPCOR to design, build, finance and operate its new wastewater treatment plant. The new facility is designed to meet new environmental regulations and the city's growing needs.

​2014 Partnership protects people and aquatic environment at Kananaskis
EPCOR completes construction of a new water treatment plant and wastewater treatment facility in Kananaskis. In partnership with the Alberta government, the EPCOR-operated treatment systems now help protect the aquatic environment and allow for enhanced fire protection in the region.
2013 Heartland Transmission Line is Launched
The Heartland Transmission Project is energized in Alberta. The project partners, EPCOR and AltaLink, built a 66-km double circuit 500 kV line linking power generation west of Edmonton to the Heartland region located to the northeast.
2012 Major Water Acquisitions in Arizona and New Mexico
EPCOR USA acquires American Water Works Company's Arizona and New Mexico water businesses to become the largest private regulated water provider in the two states. The transaction included operations in 11 water utility districts, many of them in the Phoenix area.
2011 Entry into U.S. Water Market
On June 1, EPCOR USA enters the U.S. market with the acquisition of Chaparral City Water Company of Fountain Hills, Arizona.

EPCOR Purchases Suncor Potable Water & Wastewater Facilities
EPCOR purchases Suncor's potable water and wastewater facilities for $100 million on a 20-year leaseback agreement.

Capital Power Corporation Established
On July 9, EPCOR Utilities Inc. spins off its power generation business to create Capital Power Corporation (TSX:CPX).

Transfer of Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant
The City of Edmonton transfers ownership of the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant to EPCOR Water Services.

2008 E.L. Smith Upgrade Completed
The three-year upgrade to the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant is completed. It helps ensure a secure, long-term supply of drinking water for the Edmonton region.

Britannia Mine Water Treatment Plant begins operation
The clean-up begins at Howe Sound, one of North America's largest sources of heavy metal pollution—the project being a result of an award-winning partnership between EPCOR and the B.C. Government.


100 Years
EPCOR Water celebrates 100 years.

Rossdale Water Treatment Plant
UV disinfection is added at Rossdale Water Treatment Plant.

2000 Water softening process
The water softening process in Edmonton is stopped in 2000 as part of a plan to meet enhanced water quality regulations.
1999 Aqualta renamed EPCOR.
1996 EPCOR Utilities Inc. formed.
The formation of EPCOR Utilities Inc. marks the first merger of natural gas, power and water utilities in Canada. A universal brand name, EPCOR, is introduced in 2001.
1991 Edmonton Power celebrates 100 years.
1976 E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant opens.

Edmonton Power formed
The Electrical Distribution and Power Plant departments combine to form Edmonton Power.

Construction of E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant begins
Calder water tower is dismantled after 23 years in service.

1967 Rossdale #3 Water Treatment Plant is commissioned
Fluoridation begins in Edmonton.
1956 Rossdale #2 Water Treatment Plant is commissioned
1955 Rossdale switches from coal to gas
Under pressure to reduce costs and air emissions, the City of Edmonton switches from coal-fired boilers to gas. All the boilers at the Rossdale Plant burn natural gas by the end of 1955.

Rossdale #1 Water Treatment Plant is commissioned

Electricity goes underground
Lines are removed from above the streets and underground lines are installed in downtown Edmonton, forming the Network Distribution System—a more reliable method of power distribution.

1933 Edmonton's first traffic light installed at Jasper Avenue and 101 Street
1913 High lift, low lift pumphouse built
Two water intakes with 900m pipes are constructed.

First water treatment plant built at Rossdale
Edmonton Water and Light Company constructs the first water treatment plant at Rossdale. It includes one pumphouse complete with one low lift and one high lift pump and one sedimentation basin.

A new plant is built at Rossdale Flats
Due to flood damage, a new and superior power plant is built on higher ground. Electricity is generated by burning coal.

First piped distribution system is constructed
The system serves 4,176 customers with 10.5 km of cast iron watermains, 50 fire hydrants and a 330,000-litre elevated storage tank.

1902 Edmonton Electric Lighting and Power Company made public
Edmonton Electrical Lighting and Power Company enters a new phase as the first municipally owned electric utility in Canada.

Edmonton Electric Lighting and Power Company founded
On October 23, 1891, a group of entrepreneurs obtain a 10-year permit to build the Edmonton Electric Lighting and Power Company on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Power poles are installed along Jasper Avenue from 96 Street to 103 Street.

On December 22, 1891, electric lights come on in Edmonton.

Parts of this timeline were adapted from Candles to Kilowatts, with permission from The Edmonton Power Historical Foundation.