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Our long-term plan

Each year, EPCOR’s board approves a refreshed long-term plan. Historically, the objectives of this strategy focused on value creation for EPCOR’s shareholder, the City of Edmonton. Over the past several years, the strategy has evolved into a broader set of objectives and priorities, with the goal of ensuring Team EPCOR is working together to achieve the company’s purpose​, and create value for the company’s stakeholders as we fulfill our mission to provide clean water and safe, reliable energy.  

EPCOR’s long-term plan continues to be organized around four strategic priorities:
people, community, operational excellence, and growth. We take a holistic approach to
describing success, setting out an "end state" vision for Team EPCOR in each of these areas, including:
  • Top decile performance on safety and employment engagement
  • Customer satisfaction levels that stand above the industry within our markets
  • Demonstrated leadership in source water protection and improving resilience of our infrastructure
  • Reductions in our environmental footprint and increased support towards building climate resilient communities
  • The evolution of our workforce to become more reflective of the diversity of the communities we serve, and the purpose and values we live every day
  • Ongoing delivery of reliable and affordable services to customers in growing communities across our footprint
  • Sustained growth that maintains our position as one of the top three investor-owned water utilities in North America​

Our long-term plan consists of four focus areas: People, Growth, Operational Excellence and Community.


Attract and retain high-quality and diverse employees; continue to foster a culture that drives excellence in employee safety, wellness and engagement; and mature our hybrid work.​

Operational Excellence

Support the transition to a low-carbon economy through grid transformation​ initiatives; continue to protect source water and develop resilient infrastructure systems; and implement new technologies and innovations, in support of our vision for the utility of the future.


Seek efficiencies through continuous improvement, business unit synergies and technology to control costs and keep rates affordable for our customers; continue to reduce our environmental footprint through operation of the kīsikāw pīsim solar farm and energization of the Hilda Wind Farm; and prudently manage risks, such as those related to government and regulatory concerns, extreme weather, health, safety and environmental performance, and new business integrations.​


Invest in our regulated business lines to maintain system reliability and meet the n​eeds of our customers; and pursue growth opportunities in Canada and the United States based on strategic fit, and leveraging our experience and expertise within our industries.​

Each of our four focus areas carries priorities that are assessed and updated annually to ensure the plan both evolves and maintains its trajectory over successive ten-year planning periods, and ties to our  Sustainability commitments. This deliberate integration not only helps guide our teams and drive us toward real progress for communities, it helps with our ability to seek out and invest in meaningful projects.

Learn more about our ESG journey​​​​

When we say that our communities count on us and we count on each other, we mean it in every aspect of what we do.

Our long-term planning process has evolved to incorporate this spirit, as well as our sustainability commitments.​​​