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Giving Back by Moving Forward

June 13, 2016
Published In: Employee Stories


"I find I work better when I'm multi-tasking, so even during my breaks at work I'm making calls around Edmonton. I've coached over 200 people dragon boating and have been running events in the city for over 15 years – it's been absolutely amazing."

Edmontonians are a spirited bunch. It's that spirit of enthusiasm, creativity and passion that helped build Edmonton's festival scene to what it is today. Events like these shape our city and people like Trevor make it happen.

As the co-founder of Edmonton's infamous Spookfest and Mayhem events and an active event planner, photographer, and world-class dragon boat athlete, Trevor loves his city.
As soon as one event ends, he's helping to plan, manage, and participate in the next, all while inspiring his teams along the way.

While working in the call centre at EPCOR, Trevor hones in on his Edmonton roots. "I take calls from people who live in my neighbourhood," he says, "whether I'm managing or volunteering or answering calls, everyone has their own stuff going on and you have to be open and understanding of that."

He compares calls to coaching: "I may have taught 50 new people that day, but each person that comes out is new to the sport."

While dragon boating, all 20 members of the team must work together; there are no individual stars. "It's the ultimate team sport," he says, demonstrating the form and fluid paddling technique that he teaches each member to master. "The more you align with everyone else, the better you'll do."

The same goes for Trevor's involvement in the community. From raising funds at his events for the Stollery Children's Hospital to featuring local artists at Spookfest and coaching aspiring dragon boat athletes, "any chance I can give back to somebody or the community or the people around me, I'm going to take advantage of that," he says.

"It's something I'm really proud of."

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