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From September 19-22, 2022, EPCOR will be completing maintenance activities in Aylmer where residents may notice flaring occurring.

EPCOR will be completing routine maintenance on the natural gas distribution system in the Aylmer area. This maintenance is required to clean and inspect the natural gas mainlines. As a result of these activities, natural gas will need to be flared at the IGPC Ethanol Inc. site located at 89 Progress Drive.​


A flare stack is a common gas combustion device used in industrial plants and natural gas processing facilities. IGPC Ethanol Inc. has one flare stack. Flaring is used to remove an accumulation of gases on site with minimal environmental impacts.

What to ​expect

During the scheduled flaring, a flame will be noticeable at the top of the flare stacks.

Residents may also detect a faint odour associated with flaring activities. This odour could smell like Sulphur as a result of the Methyl Mercaptan we’ve added to natural gas to make leaks detectable.

Customer impa​​cts

Residents do not need to take any action. EPCOR will be adhering to regulated health, safety and environmental standards.

There will be no service interruptions for residents as a result of this work.​