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Upcoming construction activity

Beginning July 18, 2020, from Dornoch to the Bruce Energy Centre, EPCOR will commence pressurization of approximately 57 km of pipeline with natural gas.

In its pure state, natural gas has no smell, colour or taste so, at this time, EPCOR will be adding Methyl Mercaptan to make it smell like Sulphur or rotten eggs.

Natural gas is a safe and reliable fuel source so leaks are rare but adding this odorant makes it easier to detect a leak, if it occurs. Once the pipeline is in service, EPCOR will continue odorant monitoring to ensure this odour is detectable throughout the system.

While you may notice odour as a result of our work at this time, it could also be from a small natural gas leak so we ask that you please notify us immediately if you smell Sulphur or rotten eggs in the area so we can confirm if it is part of our planned work or requires immediate attention.

Gas pipeline markers

You may have noticed post markers that have been installed along the pipeline route. These markers provide a general indication of where the natural gas pipeline has been installed but may not be the exact location. Please do not rely on these markers to determine where you believe it is safe t​o dig.

Be sure to call Ontario One Call or their website before digging on your property or around the construction site to have all underground utilities located.

Read the construction notice for more information.​